TOD Documents

Land Assembly and Redevelopment
Georgia Department of Community Affairs
Land Prices and Land Assembly in the CBD
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Land Assembly for Development
Owen Connelan
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The Limitations of Majoritarian Land Assembly
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Efficient Urban Renewal Without Takings: Two Solutions to the Land Assembly Problem
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Sclerosis of the City: Land Assembly and Urban Change
Leah Brooks and Byron Lutz
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Pain without Gain? Land Assembly and Acquisition for Infrastructure Mega Project: The Indian Experience with the Bangalore International Airport
Kalpana Gopalan
International Public Policy Conference, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Use Of Market-led Measures for Land Assembly in Turkey
Sevkiye Sensce Turk and Esra Demircioglu
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Estimating the Holdout Problem in Land Assembly
Chris Cunningham
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
A Catallactic Framework of Government Land Reclamation: The Case of Hong Kong and Shenzhen
Lawrence W.C. Lai, Wilson W.S. Lu, and Frank T. Lorne
Habitat International