TOD Documents

Corridors of Freedom: Re-Stitching our City to Create a New Future
City of Johannesburg
Visión a Largo Plazo e Interacciones Transporte-Urbanismo, los Excluidos en el Éxito del SBR TransMilenio de Bogotá
Benoit Lefevre
Ciudad y Territorio Estudios Territoriales
Annotated Literature Review on Land Use-Transportation Relationships
The Reshaping of Land Use and Urban Form in Denver through Transit-Oriented Development
Keith A. Ratner and Andrew R. Goetz
Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning
Ten Principles for Sustainable Development of Metro Manila’s New Urban Core
Urban Land Institute
Growing Resources for Growing Cities: Density and the Cost of Municipal Public Services in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico
Nora Libertun de Duren and Roberto Guerrero Compeán
Inter-American Development Bank
The Effect of Urban Growth on Commuting Patterns in Christchurch, New Zealand
Nick Buchanan, Ross Barnett, Simon Kingham, and Doug Johnston
Journal of Transport Geography
Transit Oriented Development: A Strategic Instrument for Spatial Restructing and Public Transport System Enhancement in South African Cities?
Peter Wilkinson
25th Southern African Transport Conference
Network City: A Milestone in Metropolitan Planning
Western Australian Planning Commission
Western Australian Planning Commission
Guía para la Redensificación Habitacional en la Ciudad Interior
Comisión Nacional de Vivienda (CONAVI)