Training Module on Financing, Fare Fixation, & Cost Benefit Analysis

Urban Transport is one of the most important and crucial sectors of urban infrastructure and services. The importance of an effective and efficient transport system to support and promote rational development of urban areas need hardly be stressed. Mckinsey Global Institute (2007) has estimated that a capital outlay of USD 1.182 trillion (about INR 53 lakh crores) will be required for the next 20 years to build up services in cities to enable them to play their role in the desired economic growth of the country. The High Powered Expert Committee commissioned by the Ministry of Urban Development Government of India estimates a total expenditure of INR 39,18,670 crores on Indian urban infrastructure and services by 2031 and as per this report, urban transport is estimated to require a fraction of this i.e. INR 4,49,426 crores. Both the above reports have estimated huge sums of money required to address urban transport needs in the country. Therefore, there is also a need to recognize the urban reforms required in order to utilize these large sums of money.

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