Transport Governance Initiative Toolkit

Fragmented institutions, decision-making processes, and inequality in knowledge concentration in urban transport are barriers to effective governance outcomes. Despite substantial amounts of investments being made in the urban transport sector, there is a lack of necessary capacities or governance mechanisms to ensure sustenance and optimum outcomes from these investments. Integrated and inter-disciplinary methods of enquiry are required to comprehensively understand this space.

In order to address these challenges, Parisar in collaboration with WRI India developed the Transport Governance Initiative Toolkit. The TGI Toolkit’s aim is to provide an integrated and structured approach to enable decision-making processes in the urban transport sector. The Toolkit’s focus is on how decisions are made, rather than what decisions are made. It is based on the need for greater transparency, accountability, participation and enhanced capacity that will provide a framework for stakeholders to evaluate governance processes in the urban transport sector in cities of the Global South.

For more information, please write to Chhavi Dhingra at and Uttara Narayan at


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