Sustainable Low Carbon Development and the Transport Sector in India

By WRI India Sustainable Cities

This report done in 2011 focuses on four major issues in the field of sustainable transport in India -

  • Lack of technical capacity at the city government level is a major problem. Engineers and planners have been trained to build roads and implement projects focused on improving conditions for private motor vehicles – similar skills in sustainable transport modes such as bus-based public transport, pedestrianisation and cycling are lacking.
  • There is a lack of awareness about concepts of sustainable transport and the negative impacts of focusing on private motor vehicles, especially at the city level.
  • Accurately measuring, reporting and verifying (MRV) the impacts of various interventions to reduce transport sector emissions is a problem. 
  • The current perception is that the solution to the growth of emissions in transport lies in improving technologies – developing better engines and fuels. This is perhaps because improving technologies is seen to be easier to accomplish. However ‘shift’ and ‘avoid’ will provide the greatest savings in emissions.