Street Design Guidelines for Greater Mumbai

By Sonal Shah & Saurabh Jain - Jul 2014

While 51% of all trips in Mumbai are by walking, yet pedestrians are the most vulnerable road user. 58% of all fatalities are pedestrians. Walking and public transport trips constitute 88% of all trips in the city. Further 60% of trips to public transport are on foot and 80% of trips are less than 15 minutes.

The objective of this document is to propose a non-motorized transport strategy for Mumbai along with pedestrian oriented street design guidelines to enable safe and comfortable walking environments. These are conceptualized under the umbrella of the National Urban Transport Policy (2006), which states that “people occupy center-stage in our cities and all plans would be for their common benefit and well-being”. NUTP’s objective is to bring about a more equitable allocation of road space with people, rather than vehicles, as its main focus.