Public Health and Road Safety Study for BRTS Indore

By WRI India Sustainable Cities

To cater to the needs of growing urban population in Indore, AICTSL planned to introduce BRTS in Indore in 2012. Named as the iBus, though the Indore BRTS is functional today, this report is a proposal for Phase 1 of the BRTS.

This system was at that time expected to help reduce the problem of transportation need, pollution and traffic accidents in the city. To monitor and quantify the above mentioned benefits there was a need to document the status of mobility patterns, trust deficit among commuters, extent of pollution and health before BRT implementation (preconstruction stage). This information can now be successfully used to compare the progress of BRT operations in Indore. To monitor and quantify the benefits of the proposed system in Indore.

This report carried out by TARU for EMBARQ and Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited (AICTSL), presents the status of physical health of residents and exposure of the commuters along AB road. The results are indicative of the status before the introduction of BRTS.

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