Hubli City Bus and Auto-Rickshaw Service Analysis

By WRI India Sustainable Cities

The Public transportation in Hubli relies primarily on city buses run by the NWKRTC and IPT including private auto rickshaws which run as taxis and on specific routes. The auto rickshaws are a flexible mode that provides point to point services which are currently not metered but instead fares are decided by the drivers and can be negotiated by the users before hiring them. Alternatively they can be shared along high density corridors where drivers usually accommodate five passengers but may accommodate as many as seven or eight passengers at a time. The NWKRTC operates different services for Hubli-Dharwad which include intra-city services for Hubli and Dharwad, Inter-city services between Hubli and Dharwad and Sub-Urban services. The NWKRTC has two bus depots in Hubli and one in Dharwad which accommodates buses for inter-city as well as intra-city operations. The city services of Hubli are served by 114 buses.

This report further discusses the public transport scenario in Hubli, focuses and analyses specific bus corridors, and gives recommendations to improve the situation in the city.

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