#ThinkSafety with EMBARQ India: A Global Conversation about Road Safety

On 20 May 2015, over 50 participants — including road safety experts, urban planners, research think thanks and media houses from India, USA, Colombia, Mexico, UK, Brazil, Belgium, Canada and Namibia —engaged in a global conversation about Road Safety on Twitter following the Third UN Road Safety Week (May 4 – 10). The hashtag #ThinkSafety was used for over 700 tweets and had a potential reach of 1.9 million. 

EMBARQ India posted 6 questions in a span of 60 minutes. These questions were based on road design, challenges of road safety, motorcycle safety, policy changes, and international best practices. Here is a summary of the tweet chat in a presentation. You can view some of the top tweets, quotes, and comments that came from the participants during the tweetchat here