New Mobility Trends

By Jyot Chadha, Zainab Kakal, Roselin Dey - Jan 2016

For the past few months, the Urban Innovations team at WRI India Sustainable Cities has been conducting extensive research and has interviewed 60+ mobility businesses in India to identify five key emerging mobility trends in India. The aim of this document is to:

  • Demonstrate the growing pipeline and the investability of transport start-ups.
  • Change the wider business and investment community’s perception by supporting existing entrepreneurs to scale and become profitable.
  • Spur participation, in the form of new business, investment, and innovation, by the private sector in sustainable transport models.

This presentation provides an overview of the 5 mobility trends: on-demand mobility, shared mobility, commuter experience, connected mobility, and product innovation. Through interviews with industry players, market demand, business models, pipeline, regulatory challenges, and transactions are highlighted. This analysis is done in the context of what economic, environmental, and social impact such business models may have.

How can you participate?

In order to ensure an accurate, reliable and robust document that truly maps the various activities in the mobility ecosystem, we are requesting experts to review this document before the formal launch.

To start with, we are beginning with rideshare/carpool. To participate, click here. We will also be adding carshare and ridesourcing portions to the document shortly.

We would of course be providing due acknowledgement to all contributors/reviewers should this research be used for a publication, blog, report etc. Fill your details so that we can credit you correctly. The next page will provide you access to the ridesharing section. We envisage it might take an hour of your time to undertake a thorough review (and provide feedback and comments).  

We look forward to your feedback/comments/insights. Thank you!

For further assistance, please contact Zainab Kakal on