Delhi Transit Oriented Development Policy Interpretation

By Prerna Mehta, Neha Mungekar, Merlyn Mathew - Oct 2016
Delhi is at a defining moment in terms of preparing itself for the next few decades with the Master Plan 2021. Recognizing the urgent need for Delhi to be prepared to receive huge in-migrations by 2021, the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Policy was created and approved by the Ministry of Urban Development on July 14, 2015. The norms will combine design, density and diversity to facilitate more people to live, work and seek entertainment (mixed-use) along a well-connected and efficient mass transit system supported by non-motorized transport and pedestrian priority.
This presentation is a means for understanding of the various rules and regulations under the TOD Policy for Delhi. The use of illustrations and pictorial representations is used to simplify the language of the policy since the implementation process involves several actors from varied technical and non-technical backgrounds. It is necessary that all stakeholders who are involved in the planning and coordination of implementation of projects under the TOD Policy have the same understanding even if it translates into multiple interpretations.  The presentation is not intended to be definitive but to capture the ‘essentials’ including guidelines, targets, means of delivery and framework for monitoring and evaluation in the process to develop and implement a TOD project that fits within the existing Policy and agreed set of Principles.
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