Financing Needs for Sustainable Transport Systems for the 21st Century

By Anjali Mahendra, Matthew Raifman & Holger Dalkmann

This background paper, authored by Anjali Mahendra, Matthew Raifman, and Holger Dalkmann, was presented at the 7th Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Forum, in Bali, Indonesia, April 23-25, 2013. The session was entitled, “Next Generation Transport System We Want for 21st Century ‐ Looking Beyond Rio+20”. 

The authors identify two key areas where national governments play a core role in financing sustainable transport for the 21st Century: leveraging sustainable transport financing for greater impact and increasing the effectiveness of sustainable transport financing.

Further, they articulate six fundamental actions that national governments should seek to fulfill (three for each area) to move sustainable transport financing forward.

The Rio+20 commitment by eight multi‐lateral development banks (MDBs) to shift $175 billion to more sustainable transport programs over the next decade could catalyze investments in sustainable transport, but it must be aligned with domestic finance and national transport programs.

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