Bus Karo 2.0 – Case Studies from India

Table of Contents

List of Tables

List of Tables


Table 1 Types of field-based surveys and uses (EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 2 Types of surveys to be undertaken for each decision (EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 3 System Performance before and after the initiation of city bus services in Gulbarga (Northeast Karnataka Road Transport Corporation 2014)

Table 4 Route and Service Rationalisation for City Bus Services (EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 5 Typical Characteristics of a Feeder Bus System (EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 6 Five types of Integration (EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 7 Statistics on BEST’s Feeder Routes (BEST 2014)

Table 8 Characteristics of Neighbourhood Collector Routes (BEST 2014)

Table 9 Characteristics of examples of Long Feeder Routes (BEST 2014)

Table 10 Characteristics of Peak-Hour CBD Feeder Routes (BEST 2014)

Table 11 Five components of good terminal design (Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual -2nd Edition, PART 7 n.d.)

Table 12 Platform Waiting Area (Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual -2nd Edition, PART 7 n.d.)

Table 13 Platform Walking Area (Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual -2nd Edition, PART 7 n.d.)

Table 14 The results of Driver Training sessions (EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 15 Management Processes that will facilitate data collection and monitoring (EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 16 ITS features and uses of data at Ahmedabad, Indore and Mysore

Table 17 Modes of communication for different uses (EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 18 Typical cost for bus operation under gross cost model (Naya Raipur Development Authority 2013)

Table 19 Cost and earnings for major STUs (Association of State Road Transport Undertakings 2014)

Table 20 Operating costs under the owner-rents-vehicle model (World Bank and EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 21 Operating costs under the owner-operatesvehicle model (World Bank and EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 22 The interests of the transport authority, operator and passenger (EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 23 Janmarg Base Fare (Trivedi 2012)

Table 24 Base Fare and Freight (Trivedi 2012)

Table 25 Different types of BMTC bus services (BMTC 2014)

Table 26 Fare Structure through 10 Stages (BMTC 2014)

Table 27 Financial details of TTMCs in Bangalore (BMTC 2013)

Table 28 Key performance indicators for ASTC (ASTC 2014)

Table 29 ASTC’s annual non-farebox revenue from various sources in Guwahati (ASTC 2014)

Table 30 Data on public bus involvement in accidents in three major Indian cities.

Table 31 Bus design features and their impacts on safety (EMBARQ India 2014)

Table 32 Performance of Routes 1 and 2 of Indore City Bus Services (Patwardhan 2014)

Table 33 Key Performance Indicators of the Indore BRTS (Atal Indore City Transport Service Limited 2014)

Table 34 Space Allocation in depots in Thane (Mumbai suburbs) and Delhi

Table 35 Comparison of number of depots to dead kilometerage for agencies 

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