Bus Karo 2.0 – Case Studies from India

Table of Contents

Chapter 8: States’ Role in Sustainable Bus Transport

8.1 Safety of City Bus Services8.2 Segregated Infrastructure8.3 Public Transport Subsidies8.4 Land Planning for Transport InfrastructureDefault

A concerted effort by city and state authorities can significantly magnify the impacts of operational improvements to bus systems. So far, the 2.0 Guidebook discusses the improvements for public transport agencies to enhance aspects of operations and services. While each of these modifications is significant, they fall within the purview of the transport operator. The extent of these improvements is limited within the transport operator’s role.

Within the larger context of the state, it is essential to recognise the role and also discuss responsibilities of state authorities. It is equally important to recognise this dynamic in order to facilitate success in urban bus transport provision. The role of the state is detailed in this chapter through a four-point agenda in Figure 103, which will be elaborated further in the following sections.

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