Bus Karo 2.0 – Case Studies from India

Table of Contents

Chapter 3:Designing Safe and Accessible Infrastructure

3.1 Safety and City Bus Stops3.2 On Street Interchange3.3 Planning of Terminal FacilitiesDefault

Transport infrastructure such as terminals and depots, is a key component in establishing a comprehensive bus system. Planning and designing space as per operational requirements is critical for the expansion of service and maintenance of buses. The first round of JnNURM funding focused on increasing the number of buses available to public operating agencies across the country. Round two of the funding stipulated envisioning infrastructure requirements to support this additional fleet (Ministry of Urban Development 2011). Public transport agencies are being urged to plan and design space requirements for effective operations.

Cities are faced with an urgent need to plan for transport infrastructure as part of their development processes. However, a well-defined focus on design of safe and accessible infrastructure remains a critical barrier to a positive outcome. An added shortage of literature on city bus infrastructure design indicates a need to improve our understanding and formulate best practices for implementation. In the urban context, this calls for designing infrastructure to ensure safe access to bus services, seamless transfers between services and enhancing service quality for passengers.

There are three types of stop and interchange infrastructure that this chapter focuses on (see Figure 35). At a neighbourhood level, a bus stop is the primary element in a transport network. At a network-level, terminals are critical for seamless passenger connections. The intermediate infrastructure for bus stops in urban areas is the on-street interchange. This chapter highlights the passenger safety and convenience aspects of designing these infrastructural elements.

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