Past: Urban Hack

Past: Urban Hack


Urban Hack – A hackathon to create solutions around mobility data

This challenge is now closed.

In the last 5 years, the increasing traffic in the city of Bangalore and the decreasing public safety has become a big concern. According to the WRI Cities, Bangalore has a vehicle for every two people leading to severe traffic congestion. About 3.5 lakhs vehicles are added annually which mounts to 1000 vehicles per day. Traffic congestion alone costs Bangalore about 5% of its economic output.

If we look at safety data, from the late 70s, the overall rate of burglary has reduced by a whopping 79%. A lot of this can be attributed to the advancement in home security technology. However, over the same time period, murder has increased by 7% and kidnapping has increased by 47%. 

This rapid urbanization has resulted in increased commute times and loss of productivity among the working class, compounding the threat of widening income inequality and recurrent crimes as the urban landscape of the city is fast spreading in all directions.

To answer that, Bangalore City Police, and Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, along with the NASSCOM teamed up with HackerEarth and WRI Cities to kindle the smart minds of India. We conducted a hackathon to build technology solutions for social impact.

Urban Hack was the first-ever smart city hackathon aimed at improving transportation, crime prevention and public safety through the use of technology. All enthusiastic developers were invited to participate in this 32 hours hackathon that was held both online and offline.

The winners of the hackathon were rewarded cash prizes worth INR 5 lakhs and were given an opportunity to work closely with the Bangalore City Police and the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation to pilot the applications. They also got to showcase their applications before seed investors and prominent VCs and win an opportunity to qualify for the NASSCOM 10k program. Supporting this hackathon are IBM and Xerox. IBM sponsored the awards for the winners and Xerox provided participants with access to transport APIs.

The NASSCOM 10k warehouse in Bangalore hosted participants who wished to choose an offline venue, and others can participated online on HackerEarth.

The winners of the Urban Hack were Brijesh Masrani & Manan Beg of BROids, Arun Magesh & Karthik Singaram of Uranium, and Tushar Choudhary & Rohan M of Rock.Isnt.Dead. 

You can access the BMTC Data & API for Urban Hack 2015 here.

Sample crime data for the hackathon can be downloaded here.

You can get Geocoded Bangalore household data and other datasets for Bangalore here.

To see the results, click here.