Past: Pilot your Smart Street Innovation in Telangana

Past: Pilot your Smart Street Innovation in Telangana


Smart Streets Lab- Apply now to pilot innovative safety solutions.

In 2015, Road Safety was included in India’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Union Minister for Transport, Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari pledged to bring down the rate of accidents in the country by half by 2020.

In India, 388 road accident deaths take place every day. WRI India’s research suggests that safer cities tend to be the ones with extensive mass transport, good conditions for walking and cycling, and fewer cars on the road driving short distances at safer speeds. Civic authorities can transform roads into streets, by catering to the mobility needs of a range of users such as the differently abled, the elderly, children and women, and not just vehicles.

The Government of Telangana and WRI India have jointly organized the Smart Streets Lab – Telangana to pilot innovative safety solutions to transform India’s streets. The Lab will leverage the new developments in technology and IT to ensure better and safer roads for all.

The Lab is supported by Indian School of Business-DLabs, Bosch and StartupIndia.

About the cohort: 

SafetiPin is a tool that works to enable cities to become safer through collection of data through crowdsourcing and other methods- it assesses different parameters linked to safer and more inclusive public streets. For the Smart Streets Lab pilot, Safetipin partnered with Ola cabs to audit safety and accessibility, primarily for women and pedestrians in Cyderabad. Once a certain number of these audits are conducted in an area, they are aggregated to create a “safety score”. Safety scores range from one to ten and are represented in that order by green, amber, or red pins. These are all accessible on Safetipin’s app, which also provides access to information about amenities like 24-hour pharmacies and ATMs. Among other things, the app also acts as a GPS tracker. The app is available in English, Hindi, Bahasa, Spanish, and Mandarin and has had over 40,000 contributions.

RoadBounce is a technology to monitor vibrations in a smartphone while driving a car, and record road condition from those vibrations. This data is then collated with 'traffic safety index' generated from real-time traffic data, to identify priority patches for improvement of road safety. The technology has been used by the government of Maharashtra to evaluate over a 1000kms of roads. RoadBounce partnered with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) for the Smart Streets Lab pilot and carried out data analysis on 90 kms in Cyderabad. After the findings of the data were presented, GHMC worked on the patches that were prioritized. RoadBounce carried out another analysis of the patches after their repair and shared the updated findings with the GHMC.