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Intermediate Public Transport

  • Recognizing the role that auto-rickshaws play in sustainable urban transport and meeting daily commute needs in Mumbai, will go a long way in improving conditions for drivers, as well as passengers, and will result in social and environmental benefits for Indian cities, as a whole. Look at this video to find out how EMBARQ India is playing a role in improving the Auto-...

  • Rajkot has around 10,000 autorickshaws, according to official extimates.  To support the city government's auto-rickshaw reform initiative, EMBARQ India partnered with the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) and Nirmal Foundation to promote the two key roles of auto-rickshaws in urban cities - 1) to promote them as feeder service to mass transport, and 2) to make them as mode...

  • Vatsala works as a maid in Mumbai, India. Like many other people in Mumbai—and cities throughout India—she relies on auto-rickshaws to meet her demanding schedule and transportation needs. This video showcases a snapshot of her life. EMBARQ is working in India to improve the auto-rickshaw service to benefit the drivers, passengers and owners.

  • An auto-rickshaw driver in the Indian City of Mumbai (Bombay), Vikram discusses the daily challenges faced by drivers, from a lack of governmental support, to the unstructured nature of ownership and licensing of drivers. This video aims to highlight the need for improvements in the auto-rickshaw sector. EMBARQ India is working towards these goals.

  • The Rickshaw Rising Challenge 2013, launched by EMBARQ India with the support of Shell Foundation, gave entrepreneurs in the auto-rickshaw sector an opportunity to receive funding of up to $50,000 and a place in a 6-month Business Support Program. This video follows the journey of the three winners - Autowale (Pune), Three Wheels United (Bangalore) and Autoraja (Chennai). 

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