Raahgiri Day - Impact on NMT usage in Gurgaon

Raahgiri Day, India's first sustained car-free Sundays, started in Gurgaon on 17th November 2013. In the last 23 weeks, it has become the biggest and coolest citizens’ initiative in Gurgaon. But it has been a game changer in terms of bringing a mindset and lifestyle shift among the residents in Gurgaon, a lot of whom have now become proponents of active transportation. This was found through a recent survey done by EMBARQ India, to capture the feedback and response of participants.

Out of 185 respondents, 28% said that after experiencing cycling on Raahgiri Day, they now own a bicycle; 59% said they now cycle/walk to the Raahgiri venue, while a substantial 87% said they now cycle/walk to cover shorter distances.

This chart appears in EMBARQ India's project report, Impact of Raahgiri Day in Gurgaon, India. View the report to know more about environmental, social and economic impacts of Raahgiri Day in Gurgaon.