Data Visualization Challenge at UMI 2014

Using data to tell the story of how we live and move in urban India!

We just made it to the Mars orbit! But what about our shorter trips closer to home? How do we move about our cities? From home to work, and from work to play? How much are we traveling? Who uses our roads, buses, and trains? Who walks and when do we walk? How do we make these choices? And how do these choices impact our health and our economy?

The Institute of Urban Transport has launched a Data Visualization Challenge at UMI 2014 with support from EMBARQ India. The Challenge asks urban planners, designers, data scientists, and civil society to use a mobility dataset to create meaningful visualizations that answer the question: How do we move about Indian cities?

Top entries will be displayed and seen by 1000+ urban transport professionals and officials at the Urban Mobility India Conference (UMI) in November 2014. Five winners will be selected by an eminent panel of jurors. The winners will receive their awards at the UMI Conference by the Honorable Minister for Urban Development, Mr. M. Venkaiah Naidu. The winning entries will be widely distributed and seen by thousands of people. 

Read here to know more, or download the dataset to get started! You can also contact Zainab Kakal at for further clarification.