Capacity Building for Sustainable Cities

Billions are invested in Indian cities and towns to ensure that urban infrastructure keeps pace with rapid expansion and population growth. The success of these investments depends on the capacity of urban policymakers and operational leaders to make the right choices and implement sustainable solutions. Yet, most cities find that they lack the necessary and institutional capacity to respond to urban challenges.

At WRI India, we bridge this gap by rendering the knowledge we have gained from cities into training programs and learning resources that we can share with them. We draw from our extensive research and study of urban and mobility planning in cities worldwide to create tools, accessibale guidance, and training materials. These are disseminated through various capacity building channels to help stakeholder identify and implement sustainable solutions in their cities.

This brochure offers an insight into WRI India's capacity building program, and informs the reader about our various training methodologies and formats, subject offerings, and target audiences. 

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