Adarsh Palms Retreat, Bangalore - Hierarchical Road Layout

In an effort to build ‘enclaves’ of neighbourhood and work spaces of aspirational qualities, developments by private enterprises tend to adopt exclusivity through segregation as the main tool for planning. Even though many such developments look at mixed land uses, the interaction and interface between them seem restricted and controlled, thus functioning as smaller pockets of single land use. Though such segregation allow for easy project execution, the physical manifestation points -like limited and controlled entries, hierarchical system of roads, dead boundary walls to name some, effect not only the accessibility of the area as a whole, but the safety and security of the neighbourhood as well.

Integrating opportunities for passive control of spaces, creating interactive interfaces between the different functions of the neighbourhood, building a network of routes and roads, and creating spaces that are more pedestrian friendly, start becoming the critical points that need to be adapted in developing sustainable and inclusive neighborhoods in private developments.

This chart appears in EMBARQ India's project report, Bridging Gaps in Non-Motorized Network: Adarsh Palms Retreat, Bangalore. View the report to access more charts/graphs from this project.