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#ThinkSafety with EMBARQ India: A Global Conversation about Road Safety

On 20 May 2015, over 50 participants — including road safety experts, urban planners, research think thanks and media houses from India, USA, Colombia, Mexico, UK, Brazil, Belgium, Canada and Namibia —engaged in a global conversation about Road Safety on Twitter following the Third UN Road Safety Week (May 4 – 10). The hashtag #ThinkSafety was used for over 700 tweets and had a potential reach of 1.9 million. 

EMBARQ India posted 6 questions in a span of 60 minutes. These questions were based on road design, challenges of road safety, motorcycle safety, policy changes, and international best practices. Here are some of the top tweets, quotes, and comments that came from the participants during the tweetchat. 

Bus Karo Plus

This is a discussion group of people interested in topics related to City Bus Service and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems in Indian cities.

Mobility Innovators Group

Mobility Innovators is a platform for discussions and debates around areas like product innovation (in vehicles, helmets etc.), shared mobility (car share, ride share, park share etc.), driver training, transit apps, seamless payments, and many such exciting topics. We invite you to contribute your ideas, thoughts and insights regarding the different and dynamic changes that mobility is going through across the world. Share opportunities, research, conferences, and organisations doing interesting work. We look forward to creating a vibrant hub of information with you.

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