Expert Talks

Watch experts from around the world make the case for sustainable urban transport and urban planning, through this selection of talks and lectures.

Jyot Chadha talks to NDTV about "How Did our Cities Turn Into a Commuters' Nightmare?"
Madhav Pai, Director, EMBARQ India, talks about the 30:30 principle for urban roads at the 13th Urban Age Conference
CCTV America talks about India's plans to build 100 'smart cities'
Amit Bhatt talks about the draft road safety and transport bill at NDTV
Madhav Pai, Director, EMBARQ India, talks about low carbon mobility in urban India as a part of Knowledge Asia's Sustainable Asia Leadership Program
Gil Penalosa, Executive Director, 8-80 cities, talks about the importance of cycle paths and open spaces as a key note speaker at second edition of EMBARQ India’s seminal national event – CONNECTKaro 2014
Jan Gehl, world renowned Danish architect, talks about the significance of building cities for people, rather than creating cities for monuments or motor cars, at EMBARQ India’s seminal national event – CONNECTKaro 2013
Amit Bhatt, Strategy Head – Urban Transport, EMBARQ India talks about walking and cycling in Indian cities as a part of DD News’ campaign “Traffic: Ab Bas Karo”

Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogotá, talks about why buses represent democracy in action

Janette Sadik-Khan, transportation commissioner of New York City, talks about the new and improved New York streets


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