Stephen Woodgate

Manager of Marketing, FedEx Services


Steve Woodgate, Manager of Marketing at FedEx Services, oversees the strategic direction and tactical execution for the U.S. FedEx Express international product portfolio. Since joining FedEx in 2000, Steve has spent the past 13 years directing the development of customer-driven solutions within the FedEx portfolio for needs as diverse as same-day delivery and international freight.  Steve is recognized for his leadership of teams that have identified new market segments as well as value propositions that meet the rapidly changing needs of both commercial and residential shippers.  He holds a Master’s degree from the State University of New York and an MBA from Belmont University.

Steve presented at EMBARQ India's webinar titled "Meter Maile 20 Kas Kudangie! It'll Be 20 Over The Meter!: FedEx Experts Share Learnings For Auto-rickshaw Businesses" and highlighted some of the current challenges in the call Auto space.