Priyanka Vasudevan

Senior Project Associate - Urban Transport


Priyanka is a Senior Project Associate - Urban Transport at WRI India Sustainable Cities. She is based in Mumbai and works on projects related to the planning, operational and implementation aspects of bus services with local and surrounding city bus service providers. She is involved in the Bus Karo Plus program which is a platform that allows the sharing of best practices in transit in the Indian context. She also coordinates efforts towards other transport projects in the city, including a BRT system for Mumbai.

Ms. Vasudevan joins us with four years of experience in both urban and transport planning. In her previous position she was active in Mumbai through her involvement in planning and designing pedestrian and cycling environments on a conceptual level. Prior to that she was based out of Australia where she worked with a consultancy to frame policies and strategies on public transport modes and non-motorised modes for multiple councils. Her interests also lead her to devise strategies through which organisations and new developments could propagate greener travel options for users.

Priyanka holds a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Her previous study awarded her with a Bachelor degree in International Relations with a major in Japanese.