Munnawar Versey

Global Product Manager, FedEx Healthcare Solutions


Munnawar Versey is a Global Product Manager with FedEx Healthcare Solutions team, managing their Cold Chain transportation product across the world. A seasoned Marketer with over 15 years of industry experience, Munnawar has worked in various roles within Marketing at FedEx ranging from Customer Analytics and Customer Experience to Small Business and International Marketing. Munnawar is valued for his problem solving abilities and innovative thinking and is credited with developing numerous new ideas and solutions to reach target customers and meet their logistical needs.

After graduating with Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law from the University of Mumbai, Munnawar completed his MBA in Services Marketing from University of Central Florida and Masters of Science in Process Management from University of Memphis. Munnawar presented at EMBARQ India's webinar titled "Meter Maile 20 Kas Kudangie! It'll Be 20 Over The Meter!: FedEx Experts Share Learnings For Auto-rickshaw Businesses" and highlighted some of the current challenges in the call Auto space.