Latha Murthy


Smt. Latha Murthy hails from a family of seasoned politicians. Her grandfather Sri Sanjeev Reddy, who was a high court lawyer and a nominated MLC in Mysore state, was a great influence on her since my childhood. Having now, completed the I-WIL (India - Women In Leadership) programme from IIMB, she has always dreamt big with great ambitions. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration. She is married to Sri Narasimha Murthy, who is serving as the BJP vice-president for Bangalore City-District and has been the treasurer and secretary for BJP Bangalore City-District area and settled in HSRLayout.

Her key achievements are - Waste Management – segregation at source, HSR NIP - Neighbourhood Improvement Plan with Embarq – International NGO, Day Care Center – for senior citizens, hot meals for senior citizens, vocational training – classes for women, feeder bus service – within the layout, Garadi Mane – wrestling center to encourage ancient Indian sport form and the Bangalore Temple festival - cultural programmes held every year in HSR Layout.

Murthy presented at EMBARQ India's webinar titled "Neighbourhood Improvement Plans: Engaging the Community" and highlighted the significance of neighbourhood improvement plans.