Dr. Manas Fuloria

Co-founder & CEO, Nagarro Software Pvt Ltd


Dr. Manas Fuloria is an eminent speaker at national and international platform for speaking over issues related to– IT industry and trends, Indian IT SME’s, trends in technology / industry innovation, employee management etc.
Dr. Fuloria has also been a consultant to many Fortune 500 and other major corporations in the US, Europe and India, including Johnson & Johnson, Carrier Corporation, Coca Cola Foods, ICICI, New Balance, Gap and Umicore. At Nagarro Dr. Fuloria is responsible for evaluating and leading new strategic business opportunities, including key partnerships and alliances.
Dr. Fuloria is a global expert in operations management and supply chain management. He holds PhD and B. Tech degrees in operations management and manufacturing from IIT Delhi, an MS in manufacturing systems from Stanford University, and has worked as a researcher with the Technology and Operations Management group at the Harvard Business School. He has also co-founded or helped grow a number of young international consulting, software and manufacturing companies.
He is an avid cyclist and cycles to work about 2-3 times a week. He has inspired many others to take up cycling as well.