Angad Gadgil

Consultant – Climate and Energy


Angad works as a Consultant with WRI India Sustainable Cities’ TRAC City – Climate and Energy program. He is primarily involved in the development of the Bangalore cross-sectorial GHG emissions inventory project. His other areas of work include research and development of an upcoming publication on practical methodologies for accounting citywide transport GHG emissions inventories. He is also actively contributing to research and development, execution and analysis of household surveys to determine the travel behavior of the population of Bangalore; Assisting public transport agencies to implement fuel efficiency measures and improving operations; Development of a brand identity and Information design for a feeder bus service for Bangalore Municipal Transport Corporation, Bangalore; Coordination of various training and stakeholder consultation workshops, etc. He holds a keen interest in design and illustration and has contributed to many reports and publications.

Angad previously worked with a Pune based NGO, Parisar, and his work included projects in Parisar like the Walkability Survey, data collection and compilation for the GIS based Transport Network of Pune and the PMPML Report Card 2010-11 etc.

Angad holds a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from Sinhgad College of Engineering, University of Pune and a Masters Degree in Planning Design and Development from University College London. Angad is trained in Hindustani Classical Music and his other interests include, film making, theatre, sketching, photography and quizzing.