Market Size of Auto-rickshaws in Indian Cities

Auto-rickshaws play an important role in urban mobility in most Indian cities.  EMBARQ India’s analysis on the size of the auto-rickshaw market in select Indian cities, based on government records, indicates that Tier I cities in India (with population greater than 4 million) typically have more than 50,000 auto-rickshaws, while Tier II cities (with population between 1 and 4 million) have between 15,000 and 30,000 auto-rickshaws.  Auto-rickshaws, thus, constitute a significant share of the vehicle mix in cities.  Further, auto-rickshaw density in relation to city population varies from around 4 to 16 auto-rickshaws per 1000 people in Tier I and II cities.

This chart appears in EMBARQ India's publication, Sustainable Urban Transport in India - Role of the Auto-Rickshaw Sector. View the publication to access more charts/graphs from this project.


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