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WRI India Sustainable Cities, in collaboration with the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF), has launched the Station Access and Mobility Program (STAMP), which focuses on high-quality last-mile connectivity to the Namma Metro in Bengaluru. Last-mile connectivity refers to the ease of access between public transit networks and the commuters’ final destinations, such as homes and offices. This remains a key challenge for the metro in Bengaluru. Through STAMP, WRI India is working with citizens, entrepreneurs, government, and other stakeholders to help build ground-up, participative, and collaborative systems for improved mobility and access to station areas.


Phase 1 of STAMP will be executed through 2017 with a mobility challenge that culminates in a pilot implementation of the winning proposals. The STAMP challenge is open to citizens’ groups and entrepreneurs. WRI India will support the development of proposals by providing data about the station areas, and by bringing together a wide range of stakeholders through a series of workshops that use WRI India Sustainable Cities’ Safe Access Manual (SAM) to help participants think through various aspects related to last-mile connectivity. Shortlisted proposals will be further developed through a two-day boot-camp, with support from mentors and experts. Winners will receive funding and continued support for pilot implementation at selected metro stations in Bengaluru. 


The SAM capacity-building workshops will provide a platform for participants to build partnerships, ideate, and co-create last-mile connectivity solutions for metro stations in Bengaluru. Through these workshops, participants will understand the context in which the proposals will be piloted and meet with potential partners before going into the challenge.

The workshop structure is designed specifically to encourage and strengthen entrepreneur-community partnerships. Workshops will be conducted in different zones of the city where the metro is operational, with a focus on specific station areas. There will be three workshops in February-March. Participation in these workshops is highly recommended for those who want to engage in the STAMP challenge.

Through STAMP, WRI India and TMF hope to catalyse an urban mobility revolution in Indian cities that centres around multi-modal public transit systems that are accessible and affordable for everyone. 

Stay tuned for more details on the STAMP challenge, which will be open for applications from February through April!


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