About The Hub

WRI Cities Hub is a free-access online capacity building platform meant to facilitate knowledge sharing, peer learning and collaboration in the field of sustainable urban transport and urban development in India. The objective of The Hub is to bridge the gaps in individual and institutional capacities, make available data and information that currently exists in Indian cities by providing a single site source for researchers, practitioners, students, policymakers and others. Rooted in WRI India Sustainable Cities’ research and practice areas of work, The Hub offers publications, research papers, data sets, videos, training material, toolkits and other ready-to-use resources developed by WRI India Sustainable Cities through its research work with different cities. The Hub also offers e-learning opportunities through webinars, expert talks and other training material, and, interactive platforms like listservs and social media to bring together peers and stakeholders working in this space to learn, connect, contribute and collaborate.

WRI India has been actively working in India through its EMBARQ initiative since 2008. We started operations with 2 staff and one city partnership. EMBARQ is now part of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, a global initiative focusing on sustainable urban mobility as part of WRI's broader sustainable cities program. In India, this initiative is called WRI India Sustainable Cities, which currently works with over 15 cities. WRI India Sustainable Cities team consists of over 35 highly qualified, talented professionals with expertise ranging from transport and urban planning to economics and social sciences. WRI India Sustainable Cities has managed to attract and leverage several key fundraising opportunities, ensuring a certain level of organizational stability, and future growth. Our work is organized into four strategic areas – Integrated Urban Transport, Urban Development & Accessibility, Research & Practice, and Institutional Excellence.

WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities works to make urban sustainability a reality. Global research and on-the-ground experience in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Turkey and the United States combine to spur action that improves life for millions of people.

Based on longstanding global and local experience in urban planning and mobility, WRI Sustainable Cities uses proven solutions and action-oriented tools to increase building and energy efficiency, manage water risk, encourage effective governance and make the fast-growing urban environment more resilient to new challenges.

Aiming to influence 200 cities with unique research and tools, WRI Sustainable Cities focuses on a deep cross-sector approach in four megacities on two continents, and targeted assistance to 30 more urban areas, bringing economic, environmental and social benefits to people in cities around the globe.

WRI India established as the India Resources Trust in 2011, is a research organization with experts and staff who work closely with leaders to turn big ideas into action to sustain a healthy environment—the foundation of economic opportunity and human well-being. WRI India has three offices - Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi, and project offices in Indore and Ahmedabad. 

We look forward to receiving your feedback on The Hub and how it can be enriched. Write to us at hub@wri.org. For media queries contact Divya Kottadiel at divya.kottadiel@wri.org.

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