Traffic police training

Traffic Police Training


Training sessions for traffic police personnel will be organised, aimed at road safety, especially for vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists. The sessions will also focus on the role of traffic police in minimising traffic crashes. It will also deal with how officials can be instrumental in ensuring safer commute for people, especially those using public transport.

    1. ​The Law and Policies

  • Central Motor Vehicle Rules & Amendments
  • Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules
  • Taxi Agregator Policies
  • Parking Policies and case studies
  • Freight Policies?

    2. Engineering and Design

  • Land use types - density, influence on traffic,
  • Road types
  • Street design – elements and principles
  • Universal accessibility – disability access requirements
  • Street furniture – different types and its use
  • Junction design -
  • Road safety – accidents, why, how, preventive measures by design (& enforcement)
  • Security – improving safety through design, lighting, active streets, active edges

    3. Traffic Management & Enforcement

  • Bangalore traffic trends – motorization, accidents,
  • Deterrence – general & specific
  • Signal cycle and synchronization
  • Sustainable transport – why, principles, etc
  • Avoid-Shift-Improve – examples in each for SUT, including odd-even, parking maximum, number plate auction, diesel ban, fuel conversion

   4. Investigation

  • Field notes – how it is done, what to be collected to act as a database, template
  • Use of apps – field note app, other related apps,
  • Crash investigation – template, cause of accidents ?
  • Managing stops?
  • Sobriety test?

   5. Well Being

  • Air Pollution and impacts – sources, trends in urban areas, health impact
  • Noise Pollution and impacts -
  • Fitness?

   6. Outreach

  • Community/citizen outreach
  • Traffic Wardens?

   7. About Training

  • How this training is to be administered
  • Target audience – induction, refresher
  •  Monitoring post training