Survey of Motorized Two-Wheelers in Pune

Description: This survey of motorized two-wheeler users in Pune was undertaken as part of a study conducted by EMBARQ India in partnership with Parisar in 2012. The study sought to understand the role of motorized two-wheelers in urban transport, the typical reasons behind two-wheeler usage and the advantages they offer. The study also focused on the challenges, and recommended possible planning-policy options to effectively manage the sector. Pune is a typical, mid-sized Indian city, where motorized two-wheelers are a dominant form of transportation. For these reasons, it was chosen as a good case for the survey. Designed as an intercept survey, it was conducted over 3 months and covered 1000 two-wheeler users in a variety of locations, times and days of the week. The survey was divided into 7 parts: household information, user information, two-wheeler use information, safety, alternative transport modes, opinion about transportation in Pune and field notes. Respondents were also asked about travel modes used by other members in their household.

The survey provides insight into the various population groups that use two-wheelers in Pune (their demographic and economic profiles) and tries to identify the relationship between age-gender-income factors and two-wheeler usage. Questions also focused on motivation behind two-wheeler usage, propensity to switch to alternative modes of transportation and other questions related to parking and safety issues etc. This data would be of interest to government agencies, decision-makers, professional practitioners and researchers concerned with urban and transport planning, road safety issues and public policy in India; Two-wheeler manufacturers and students in related fields will also find this data useful.  

Survey Date - August - November 2012

Source of Dataset - Motorized Two-wheeler Users’ Survey conducted by Parisar, Pune for EMBARQ India

Disclaimer - Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


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