Jaipur Bus User Opinion Survey

Description - As part of the ongoing partnership with Jaipur City Transport Services Ltd. (JCTSL) to provide safe, efficient and reliable bus service to the citizens of Jaipur, EMBARQ India conducted a study to gauge public percption of the bus service. This survey was done to appreciate the travel patterns of public transport and intermediate public transport users. Several surveys were conducted, namely origin-destination surveys, user opinion surveys, and classified volume counts. Interviews were conducted with drivers and conductors to evaluate their operating environment. The data gives us information about buses plying on current routes, fleet size, passenger loads at bus stops, and passenger loads in comparison with other modes.

Survey Date – June – July 2013

Source of Dataset – Jaipur User Opinion Surveys conducted by EMBARQ India 

Disclaimer - Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


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