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Helping Cities Make Better Decisions: Introducing TheCityFix Learn

Wed, 2018-04-04 13:13

Cities around the world face a crush of converging pressures. They are being asked to improve mobility, affordable housing, equity, and access to opportunity – all while accommodating more residents, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making their streets safer and healthier.

More infrastructure and funds alone are not enough to take on these challenges; cities need help making better decisions too. Getting the right knowledge, tools and expertise to the right person at the right time is critical. Most cities find they lack the necessary individual, organizational and institutional capacity to respond effectively. Many have little choice but to farm out planning, leading to a vision of the city that reflects that of external experts rather than citizens or leaders.

Recognizing this complex reality, WRI Ross Center is devoting more resources to capacity building for urban professionals. If we recognize that cities need more solutions and they need to be tailored to local contexts to be successful, then we need more capable city professionals and leaders. Our newest effort to fulfil this need is TheCityFix Learn, a web-based global knowledge and capacity building platform for city officials, practitioners and stakeholders.

A Tool for Every Job

Building capacity in cities is an enormous undertaking and no one can do it alone. TheCityFix Learn provides an approachable, organized, multilingual, mobile-friendly catalogue of learning products from WRI Ross Center and partners around the world.

The platform draws from our experience supporting the implementation of projects on the ground and creating customized training products for different audiences and needs. A learning guide on cycling infrastructure, for example, teaches six key design principles using a set of digital cards to break the concepts down into bite-size pieces. A webinar on the building blocks of transport-oriented development (TOD) is one in an eight-part series designed to introduce the concepts and strategies behind TOD corridor planning.  An in-person training event helps city officials better understand and manage climate risks as part of existing planning processes. And our congestion charging and low-emission zone hub connects users to more information from WRI China and related research publications.

The variety of content types and organization of the site are designed to meet the contextual needs of various audiences (political leaders vs. technical staff), levels of government (national vs. local), city types (primary vs. secondary) and geographies. The platform is launching with English, Spanish and Turkish language content, but more multi-lingual content will be continually added over the next few months.

A Blended Approach

Online tools have immense potential to reach people. They’re affordable and widely accessible. Africa has among the highest growth rates in e-learning, for example, and the number of internet users in India is expected to hit 500 million this year, with nearly two thirds on mobile.

With TheCityFix Learn we hope to better serve these users through self-paced, online content that explains technical content. At the same time, online training can’t be the only solution. The platform also connects new audiences to in-person trainings and peer-to-peer gatherings, which are better suited to build some skills, like leadership and management. This “blended” approach is a comprehensive offer designed to meet users where they are.

National governments are understanding the growing need for capacity building too. In Brazil, the Meeting of Municipalities for Sustainable Development brings together thousands of public officials every two years to learn from their peers and attend complementary training sessions. Attendees comprise a network of 658 municipalities, covering 68 percent of the country’s population and 80 percent of its GDP. China’s Transit Metropolis Program has the potential to affect 490 million citizens through improved transit, increased traffic safety, and reduced congestion, commuting time and air pollution. Eventually, the plan is for it to reach all 600 of China’s cities. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation program aims to build the capacity of 45,000 urban officials from 500+ cities in five years. And the federal program for mass transport in Mexico has stablished a training program to support planning, design and implementation of mobility projects in cities throughout the country.

As we barrel towards two-thirds of the global population residing in cities by mid-century, the need to help cities not only through more resources but more human capacity to manage and direct those resources is clear. TheCityFix Learn is a small part of a greater effort to give cities the tools and skills they need to provide services for all and build environments that work for people and the planet. Ultimately, it is a community platform. It will only succeed if you interact, and will only become better if you provide feedback. We invite you to explore the new site and tell us what you think.

Ani Dasgupta is the Global Director of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, WRI’s program that galvanizes action to help cities grow more sustainably and improve quality of life in developing countries around the world.

True Affordability: Critiquing the International Housing Affordability Survey

Mon, 2018-04-02 13:13

Conceptions of affordability can change if transport costs are included. Photo by Bill Couch/Flickr

Unaffordability is a major problem in cities of all kinds. Many households spend far more on housing and transportation than is considered affordable, and many people who would like to live in magnet cities cannot due to these costs.

Cities are trying new strategies to improve housing and transportation affordability. However, it is important to be smart when evaluating potential solutions. Affordability can be assessed in various ways that lead to very different conclusions as to what solutions should be implemented. Measured one way, a solution may seem effective and beneficial, but measured in another, it may seem wasteful and harmful. The devil is in the details.

The latest International Housing Affordability Survey is a case in point. The global report on housing costs helmed by three London School of Economics reporters and widely cited in the media, encourages urban expansion, thanks to what the authors perceive as higher affordability in urban fringes.

My new report for the Victoria Transport Policy Institute concludes the survey deserves scrutiny, however, and that this important conclusion rests on a set of assumptions about economic opportunity, choice and happiness that can and should be challenged.

Beyond Housing Costs

“Affordability” refers to a consumer’s ability to purchase basic goods such as food, housing, transportation and health care. Extensive research considers how best to measure affordability. Since housing is usually a household’s largest expenditure, affordability was originally defined as households being able to spend up to 30 percent of their budgets on housing.

But since households often make trade-offs between housing and transport costs – between cheaper urban-fringe housing or more expensive central-area housing, for example – many experts now define it as households spending no more than 45 percent of their budgets on housing and transport combined.

The Survey evaluates housing affordability using “median multiple,” which measures the ratio of median house prices to median household incomes. This only considers house purchase prices, ignoring other shelter costs, such as maintenance, utilities and property taxes.

Crucially, median multiple also ignores transportation costs. This is important since a cheap house is not truly affordable if located in an isolated area where getting to work or play takes more time and money than a more connected area. A household can rationally pay more than is generally considered affordable to live in an accessible neighborhood with lower transportation costs.

Mobility and Sprawl

These omissions bias the Survey results to exaggerate the affordability of urban fringe housing and the unaffordable of compact, infill housing in walkable urban neighborhoods compared with what households actually experience.

As a result, the Survey ranks sprawled U.S. cities such as Atlanta and Houston as more affordable than Seattle and Washington, D.C. When evaluated using consumer expenditure data, the rank reverses. The sprawled regions’ lower housing costs are more than offset by their higher maintenance, utility and transport costs, making them the least affordable of the 22 regions for which data is available.

Although Houston and Atlanta households spend relatively little on housing, this is offset by their high transport costs, making them the least affordable of all regions included in the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey. Source: U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey.

The Survey ignores many benefits of living in a walkable urban neighborhood. It claims that car-oriented sprawl reduces travel time costs, although people who live in more central neighborhood tend to have better access to jobs and shorter commutes than urban fringe residents. This is particularly true for non-drivers, who have far more independent mobility and therefore greater economic opportunities in central urban neighborhoods.

The Survey also ignores the mobility needs of people who cannot, should not, or prefer not to drive, therefore also ignoring the isolation and higher transport costs they experience in car-dependent, urban-fringe areas. The Survey claims incorrectly that sprawl benefits disadvantaged people. Good research indicates the opposite: physically, economically and socially disadvantaged people have more independence, better economic opportunities and better outcomes in walkable urban neighborhoods than in car-dependent suburbia.

Average commute times in Portland and Houston. Residents of more central urban neighborhoods tend to have much shorter commutes than at the urban fringe. Source: WNYC.

A Smarter Approach

Some urbanists call compact, multimodal development “smart growth,” which the International Housing Affordability Survey criticizes as consisting primarily of urban containment regulations. Smart growth actually includes a variety of strategies, many of which reduce regulations and increase affordability – for example, by allowing more housing types such as townhouses and apartments, reducing parking requirements, and promoting transportation options other than driving.

The Survey claims with great certainty, but no real evidence, that “urban containment” policies are the primary cause of urban housing price increases. In fact, even studies it cites indicate that restrictions on urban infill (or redevelopment) are much more common and costly than urban expansion restrictions, and therefore a much larger cause of unaffordability in cities.

Reducing urban infill constraints, so more households can find suitable housing in walkable, better connected neighborhoods, is the key to creating truly inclusive communities. Housing affordability is both a great challenge and a great opportunity.

Housing affordability is both a great challenge and a great opportunity. With comprehensive affordability analysis and smart, integrated solutions we can create communities that truly provide economic opportunity, freedom and happiness.

Todd Litman is founder and executive director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative solutions to transport problems.

Toward Car-Free Cities: 3 Reasons Why London’s Congestion Charge Is Working

Thu, 2018-03-29 13:13

London introduced its congestion charge program in 2003. Why has it been so successful? Photo by mariordo59/Flickr

Toward Car-Free Cities,” a blog series by WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities’ Urban Mobility Team, explores the challenges and opportunities for Transport Demand Management (TDM) strategies. TDM focuses on reducing the demand for private vehicles through combining public policy and private sector solutions. It is an essential component for comprehensive sustainable transport planning that complements public transit, walking and biking.

Through the different lenses of New York City, Bogotá, Stockholm, Beijing and London, the series examines the social and political barriers that cities need to overcome to successfully implement TDM strategies. The blog series also discusses the future trends of TDM and its implications, particularly in the developing world.

In 2002, the average London driver spent half their travel time sitting in traffic, and road transport accounted for 95 percent of fine particle pollution in the city center. To combat these problems, Greater London’s first mayor, Ken Livingstone, turned to congestion charging.

Conceptually, congestion charging is straightforward: if there are scarce resources (urban road space), they cannot be given away for free or everyone will try to utilize them at once (congestion), leading to poor results for all. Functionally, London’s congestion charging, introduced in 2003, is based on an area. Unlike in Stockholm, where prices differ during peak and off-peak hours and tolls charge drivers every time they pass a control point, London drivers face a simple, one-time charge of £11.50 ($15.90) to enter the zone, measuring 13 square miles (21 kilometers).

And it’s been largely successful. Not only is London’s congestion charging zone still active today, car usage has declined as well. Congestion – though still a challenge, as pedestrian space is increased and new, for-hire services like Uber take off – is better than it would be in an alternate world.

While many cities have considered congestion charging, there are only a few success stories. So what worked in London? To learn more and consider what can be replicated in congested Chinese cities such as Beijing, WRI China interviewed the founders of the scheme last December, including Mayor Livingstone, who outlined three contributing factors for successful implementation.

1. Centralized Institutional Structure and Strong Political Will

The recipe to-date for successful adoption of congestion charges requires a political climate conducive to change and a champion who can harness it. London had both. In 1999, the Greater London Authority was created with a directly elected executive mayor. This newly integrated regional government made it much easier to create city-wide policy compared to the previous arrangement of 33 boroughs.

Improving city transport was a key part of Ken Livingstone’s election platform, to improve economic competitiveness and livability. He framed congestion charging as a way to cut the amount of traffic in the city center and create more space for buses. After taking office, he established Transport for London (TfL), which became the sole transport management agency and wields considerable control over transport policies to this day. The mayor’s maneuvering, along with an integrated transport institution, helped move the congestion charging policy forward, overcoming legislative hassles encountered in other cities like New York.

Map of the current Congestion Charging Zone in London. Source: Transport for London

2. Extensive Public Communication and Consultation

Implementation of the new policy was also aided by the fact that people understood and supported the change. TfL ensured that public information was widely available to answer fundamental questions, Dave Wetzel, former vice chair of TfL, told WRI. The team initiated an intensive program of advertisements, using TfL’s website, newspapers, public radio and television to educate the public about how it worked and what it would mean for residents and commuters. They addressed questions like, what is the congestion charging, how much is it, and how do you pay, Wetzel said.

TfL also engaged in community meetings and hosted a series of consultations with key stakeholders. At each stage, the agency took public concern and recommendations into consideration, adjusting the plan as necessary, Wetzel said.

“And it wasn’t a rubber stamp,” he said. “We listened to what people said, and where possible – because sometimes you get contradictory things…we made changes to the scheme. And to be honest, the scheme was better as a result of the consultation than it would have been if we had just gone ahead with our original ideas. We actually improved the scheme by having genuine consultation, listening to people and introducing many of their suggestions and ideas.”

3. Improved Public Transport and Fare Integration

While congestion charging was a focus of Livingstone’s campaign, the policy did not stand on its own but was part of a package of transport improvements. “The simple fact is the more you invest in roads, the more congestion you will create,” he told WRI. “Invest in public transport.”

TfL created a team in August 2002 to promote bus priority strategies, for example. On the first day of the congestion charging scheme, 300 additional buses were added to central London to ensure residents had non-car options available. TfL also introduced a smart ticketing system using the iconic Oyster cards, which streamlined fare payment across different modes. The strategy was to engage both the supply and demand sides of transport simultaneously.

Overall, the revenue generated from congestion charging, which TfL told WRI is around $2.5 billion in its first 15 years, has been strictly reinvested in London’s transport improvements, especially for public and non-motorized transport.

A Changing City

London saw dramatic changes in the first year following congestion charging. Data from TfL shows that the number of private cars entering the zone during charging hours dropped 30 percent, while the number of buses entering the central area increased 20 percent, growing to nearly 3,000 buses during peak morning hours. These changes, together with relatively low public transport fares (£1 or $1.40 for a single fare), resulted in a nearly 40 percent increase in rush-hour bus passengers entering the charging zone.

Congestion charging also contributed to improved road safety and environmental conditions. The number of two-wheelers involved in accidents decreased by about 7 percent, despite an increase of 15 percent entering the charging zone. Furthermore, carbon emissions in central London decreased by 20 percent and nitrogen oxides by 12 percent. One estimate suggests the net economic benefits of congestion charging in London’s first year of implementation reached £50 million ($78 million in 2004).

London’s launch of congestion charging serves as an example to other cities eyeing similar policies, and the city now faces new transport challenges as technologies continue to evolve. In fact, due to the increased activity and availability of for-hire services, like Uber, and the growth of delivery vans from booming e-commerce services, congestion has increased in recent years. Street closings for pedestrian areas, sidewalk expansions and implementation of protected bike lanes have also reduced space for cars.

These changes have little to do with personal car usage, however, which has continued to decline since 2000, and more to do with the new mobility revolution. London is now working to adapt once again. The city is engaged in legal maneuvering with Uber to improve accountability. The congestion charging zone will likely be expanded to cover the entire city and use electronic tolls to charge motorists differentially depending on when, where and how much they drive. The city is also introducing a toxicity or “T-charge” to further combat pollution, which will evolve into an ultra-low emission zone. Overall, by 2041, the newly published Mayor’s Transport Strategy boasts the city will increase the share of walking, biking, and public transport users to 80 percent of all travelers.

Shiyong Qiu is a Research Analyst at WRI China.

Thet Hein Tun is a Transportation Research Analyst at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

Dario Hidalgo is Director of Integrated Transport at WRI Ross Center For Sustainable Cities.

“Come, Participate in This Bold Indian Experiment:” Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on the Global Housing Technology Challenge

Fri, 2018-03-23 13:13

Hardeep Singh Puri announces The Global Housing Technology Challenge at WUF9. Photo by Valeria Gelman/WRI

Provision of affordable, adequate and accessible housing is one of the major challenges facing India today, as it surges forward economically and demographically. Current government statistics put the housing shortfall at 10 million units, down from an estimated 19 million in 2011, but still staggeringly large. Almost 100 million people live in informal housing across the subcontinent.

At the World Urban Forum this year, the government of India launched an effort to encourage new solutions to this daunting challenge. The Global Housing Technology Challenge – India, announced by Hardeep Singh Puri, union minister of state with independent charge in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, aims to encourage building technology entrepreneurs to apply their creative minds to the goal of providing every Indian family affordable and quality housing by 2022.

“India has perhaps the most ambitious and comprehensive program for planned urbanization in the works today,” Puri stressed at a parallel event during WUF9, and “getting the technology right” is imperative. “We have several schemes, which when successfully implemented, will have a fundamental and transformative effect.”

The governments hopes the challenge will encourage better, faster, more efficient housing solutions to meet the needs of new urban residents and current residents living in substandard conditions.

“The Global Housing Technology Challenge initiative essentially provides an opportunity, a canvas, under which leaders of green technologies, those in the business of construction, no matter where they may be placed, have an opportunity to come and participate in this bold Indian experiment,” Puri said.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs will be accepting proposals from prospective participants, which they expect to range from construction companies and developers to research organizations and housing boards. Winning proposals will gain an opportunity to certify their technology in India and receive start-up funding in addition to mentoring from leading institutions.

While technology is important to scale up and achieve speedy results, it’s important to consider lessons learned from previous efforts to address housing crises. A recent entry in the “World Resource Report: Towards a More Equal City” proposes three recommendations from experiences around the world.

One is to allow upgrading and improvement of existing informal housing, with the involvement of the residents, rather than displacement to make way for new development. Another, is to reconsider land use and convert under-utilized areas of urban cores into affordable housing, rather than building new housing stock in the periphery isolated from jobs, services and social networks. And the third is to reevaluate rental options, expanding them to residents of lower income brackets, rather than focusing on policies that prioritize home ownership.

All three recommendations ring true in India, says author co-author Robin King. “It is pathbreaking that India is including rentals in their current housing efforts, including a new national rental policy. Slum upgrading is another component of India’s broader housing policy that aligns with our recommendations. Technology can help provide some solutions, but political will is indispensable.”

As India seeks cutting edge innovations to meets its ambitious plan to provide housing for all, the world will be watching. Under business as usual, the affordable housing gap globally could increase dramatically in the years ahead, resulting in 1.6 billion people without proper housing worldwide by 2025.

Valeria Gelman is a Communications Specialist & Program Coordinator II at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

3 Reasons City Dwellers Should Care About Forests

Wed, 2018-03-21 21:43

Urban forests make people healthier and happier. They also protect the climate. Photo by Andrius Baranauskas/Flickr

If you’re reading this, you are probably a city dweller. More than half of humanity lives in cities, and the percentage continues to grow. As more and more of us move from the rural landscapes our ancestors called home, we are particularly estranged from forests. Trees have been cut back to the hinterlands, replaced by farms, housing and urban sprawl.

But even if you live in the heart of the concrete jungle, you should care about forests. Today is the International Day of Forests. This year’s theme is Forests and Sustainable Cities. Take a minute to reflect on how much you depend on these ecosystems, from the park in your neighborhood to the distant Amazonian rainforest.

1. Trees in urban areas make people healthier and happier.

Trees on city streets and parks don’t just raise property values; they provide cooling shade that reduces energy costs and help moderate run-off after storms. They’re good for the mind and body as well. Urban forests help cleanse the air of pollutants, reducing the incidence of respiratory disease. And their presence makes you feel better. One study in Toronto found that an additional 10 trees on a city block improved peoples’ perceptions of their health by an amount comparable to a $10,000 increase in income or being seven years younger.

​2. Nearby forests provide urban dwellers with water, energy and protection from weather extremes.

Nearby forests provide many of the services that underpin everyday life in the world’s cities. Many of those cities – including Bogota, New York and Singapore – have invested in protecting forested watersheds to ensure dependable supplies of clean, fresh water for drinking and sanitation. Forested catchment areas also fill the reservoirs behind hydroelectric dams that keep city lights burning.

As climate change increases the frequency and severity of extreme weather events, the role of forests in attenuating the impacts of those events is increasingly apparent. Natural forest vegetation helps mitigate the landslides and flooding that often result from heavy rainfall. Restoring tropical mangroves could help buffer coastal cities such as Mumbai from storms and sea level rise. And in alpine areas, trees on steep slopes can help reduce avalanche risk after heavy snowfalls.

3. Far away forests supply timber and protect the climate.

Cities depend not just on trees in their immediate vicinity. Timber sourced from far-away forests has long been used for urban construction needs, with rot-resistant tropical species favored for outdoor uses such as boardwalks and park benches. A renaissance in the use of wood in urban architecture is underway, combining its inherent aesthetic and structural properties with new technologies to erect efficient, low-carbon buildings. Such “mass timber” structures can stand more than ten stories and offer a renewable, environmentally friendly alternative to concrete and steel.

In addition, scientists are revealing the role of forests in ensuring global well-being, including the sustainability of cities, through trees’ roles in moderating the climate both locally and globally. Forests are now estimated to constitute up to one-third of the cost-effective actions to prevent catastrophic climate change, including reducing emissions from deforestation and enhancing carbon storage through reforestation and restoration. Further, the role of forests in regulating hydrological cycles is now understood to operate not just at the level of local watersheds, but to play a role in generating rainfall across continents, ensuring the continued productivity of the world’s agricultural systems.

What Can Cities Do to Protect Faraway Forests?

Urban consumers’ choices contribute to forest loss – the leading cause of tropical deforestation is conversion of forests to commercial agriculture to serve global commodity markets. Forests are often converted into pastures for beef, cropland for soy, and plantations for palm oil and fast-growing timber.

Many cities already recognize the value of urban and nearby forests, and are actively working to protect and enhance tree density to reap their many benefits. Last year, for example, 17 Asian countries produced an Action Plan for the development of urban and peri-urban forests in the region.

Awareness of what cities can do to protect faraway forests, however, is still embryonic. Urban leaders can do at least three things that would make a difference:

  1. Enact forest-friendly procurement policies. These would include avoiding the sourcing of products associated with deforestation, unless those products are independently certified as legally and sustainably produced. Providing markets for legally harvested and sustainable timber can provide rural communities with incentives for keeping forests as forests rather than converting them to other uses.
  2. Provide a market for forest ecosystem services, especially carbon. Many of the world’s leading cities have made commitments to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century or before. While most emissions reductions can and should be achieved through reduced burning of fossil fuels, the purchase of forest carbon offsets from tropical jurisdictions could be the icing on the cake.
  3. Raise awareness. Most urban dwellers are unaware of how much their well-being depends on goods and services generated by forests. Environmental education can help citizens make more forest-friendly choices with their spending and voting power.

A version of this post initially appeared in Revolve Magazine.

Frances Seymour is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at WRI.

For “Green Hills and Clear Waters,” China Must Address Transport Emissions

Mon, 2018-03-19 13:13

To improve China’s air quality and decrease emissions, policy should turn toward transportation. Photo by Marianna/Flickr

China has made significant achievements in environmental development, especially in controlling and preventing air pollution, over the past five years. As Premier Li Keqiang said in the Government Work Report he delivered to the ongoing first session of the 13th National People’s Congress on March 5, the emission of major air pollutants was continuously reduced and smoggy days in major cities were halved from 2013 to 2017. The improved air quality can be attributed to the five-sphere integrated plan.

And now that the Ministry of Ecological Environment is to be established, by incorporating the Ministry of Environmental Protection and some functions and duties of several ministries and commissions, the environment and ecology will be better protected.

Thanks to President Xi Jinping’s remark that “green hills and clear waters are golden and silver mountains,” emission control and environmental protection have been prioritized in the work agendas of the central government down up to those of city governments.

Stricter environmental inspections, led by the central government, and the strengthened enforcement of environmental laws and standards have made government officials, industries and the people more aware of their environmental protection responsibilities and duties.

The authorities also have taken a holistic package of measures to control emissions from different sources. Coal burning, industrial production and vehicle emissions have been identified as the three major sources of air pollution, especially in urban areas. In response, the measures taken to optimize the primary energy structure have reduced coal consumption by 8.1 percent and increased clean energy consumption by 6.3 percent.

Additionally, energy saving and emission programs in key industries have retrofitted 71 percent of the coal-fired power plants to be ultra-low emission units, and stricter vehicle emission standards have led to the scrapping of more than 20 million highly polluting vehicles. Many other measures aimed at optimizing the structures of energy, industry and transportation, closure of highly polluting units, and promotion of electric vehicles have also helped reduce and prevent air pollution.

Moreover, China’s road map for transitioning from coal to clean energy to reduce both air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions has been serving as a strong driving force to realize the commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015.

But, despite China making a lot of achievements in the fight against air pollution, its air quality is far from reaching the World Health Organization’s standard for a healthy life. At the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping said the efforts to control and prevent air pollution should be intensified so that China can win the “battle to protect blue sky” in the long run. In this context, the changes in the energy and industrial structures will help reduce carbon emissions from industry sources, although the emissions from the transportation sector will go up because of rapid urbanization and the increasing demand for travel.

So efforts being made to improve the air quality should continue, with the focus on reducing vehicle emissions. The next stage tailpipe exhaust control, as stated in the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20), should be concentrated on heavy-duty diesel vehicles which emit huge volumes of nitrogen oxides and particulate matters in the atmosphere. Data from the Ministry of Environmental Protection show that by the end of 2016, heavy-duty diesel vehicles accounted for 3.6 percent of the total vehicles in China, but they emitted 53.5 percent and 60.5 percent of the total nitrogen oxides and particulate matters in the atmosphere.

In China, freight movement greatly relies on heavy-duty diesel vehicles. So as part of the process to optimize the transportation structure, freight movement should be shifted from highways to railways, which will not only save transportation costs but also reduce vehicle emissions. And regional collaboration on coordinated control, by raising emission standards, setting up emission control zones and strengthening the enforcement of environmental laws and standards, will help reduce the emissions from the transportation sector.

Ying Wang is a Research Associate at WRI China.

This article was originally published on China Daily.

Q&A with Winnie Mitullah on Integrating Non-Motorized Transport in African Cities

Mon, 2018-03-12 13:13

Roundabouts in Nairobi, Kenya are extremely hard to navigate on foot or by bicycle. Photo by Talia Rubnitz/WRI

This series, supported by the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations, discusses walking and cycling in cities with a special focus on low- and middle-income countries.

Walking and cycling are the dominant modes of transport in African cities, and too often it’s a dangerous business. Pedestrians and cyclists are disproportionately affected by road traffic crashes compared to those taking motorized transport. In 2015, 447 pedestrians were killed from traffic-related incidents in Nairobi, Kenya, for example, largely due to poor infrastructure and design. Recognizing this problem, many African cities are starting to develop new policy around these dominant modes of transport, but much is left to be done.

A new book, “Non-Motorized Transport Integration into Urban Transport Planning in Africa,” examines these challenges and provides case studies and lessons learned for city experts and transport planners. We sat down with one of the book’s co-authors, Winnie Mitullah of the University of Nairobi, to learn what African cities are doing and what challenges remain.

What is the current state of walking and cycling in African cities? Why is it so important?

Winnie Mitullah: The state of walking and cycling in Africa differs across cities and countries, but is poor compared to other developed countries, especially the Nordic countries where these two modes are the norm. Yet both modes are very important because the majority of the African population, especially in cities, walks to their destinations and activities. Furthermore, everyone, including those who use private cars and public modes, has to walk at one point or another. This is intensified by poor planning of different transport modes, which often have no link to each other, or are located far from one another.

Even though non-motorized transit is so prevalent in African cities, it is viewed as an “other.” Why is that, and what can cities do to change this perception?

Mitullah: Viewing non-motorized transport (NMT) as the “other” is very much influenced by modern thinking, which views motorization as advancement and NMT as backwards and not for advanced life in cities. This thinking has influenced urban planning for decades, resulting in cities giving the least priority to NMT.

In the last 10 years, however, African governments have included NMT in transport policies and planning in new infrastructure developments. Cities are also newly retrofitting old motorized transport infrastructure for NMT. In some cases, however, the product of retrofitted infrastructure has not been attractive to pedestrians and cyclists, due to both the proximity to vehicle road space and careless drivers, leaving them unused. Kenya is now trying building roads with higher curbs to keep drivers out of pedestrian and bike lanes.

Are cities doing enough to plan for non-motorized transit? What kinds of things are city leaders doing?

Mitullah: Cities are beginning to act, but they are still very far from prioritizing walking and cycling. Very few cities have formulated NMT policies, and in cases where policies exist, except for countries like South Africa, which have long history with such policies, they have not been socialized into everyday life, including planning and budgeting.

In Nairobi, lobbyists are trying to convince city policymakers to prioritize and implement NMT policies. This has resulted in isolated interventions such as assisting pedestrians to cross busy roads, providing facilities for wheelchair passage and temporarily closing streets to motorists as pilot programs.

However, in a city like Nairobi, the principle of giving pedestrians and cyclists priority is contradicted in a very practical way at major roundabouts, where police often control traffic for motorists and leave pedestrians and cyclists to leapfrog their way through the scrum. This situation has become more complex with the entry of motorcyclists,who seem to follow no right-of-way. The outcome of this failure to follow rules and regulations has been a high incidence of motorcycle crashes, maiming and killing thousands of riders and their passengers in African cities.

You use the word “integration” in the title of your book. What do you mean by integration in this context, and why is this framing important?

Mitullah: Walking and cycling in African cities for decades was viewed as an add-on to city transport culture. Formulation of NMT policies to guide city planning is a recent adventure, largely promoted and supported by UN-Habitat. Consequently, “integration,” in our book, is a call for the formulation of NMT policy in cities and embedding of NMT planning in the development of transport infrastructure. The framing is important for sensitizing city governors and practitioners to understand that NMT is not an add-on but a priority that must be planned for and integrated in the overall transport ecosystem.

In many cities, cyclists and pedestrians are often seen as doing the wrong thing, especially when they have to use the shoulders of major avenues and flyways and bridges, ending up in conflict with motorists. In such cases, NMT users are blamed, and in Nairobi, reckless matatu (minibus) operators insult NMT users for getting in the way. This resonates with the modern perception of motorized transport, which has to change if African cities want to be more responsive to how most of their population actually gets around.

For a city just getting started on improving non-motorized transit, what are three things you would relay to decision makers?

Mitullah: First, formulate a NMT policy embedded in the overall transport policy of the city, if there is none. Second, study NMT movement patterns for good planning of NMT infrastructure and connection with other modes. And third, link NMT infrastructure with other mass transit modes in a seamless manner, including providing parking for cyclists.

Winnie Mitullah is Associate Research Professor of Development Studies based at the Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

Ani Dasgupta: Global Urban Policy Should Be on Par with Climate

Thu, 2018-03-08 14:13

“We need to get where climate policy is in urban policy,” said WRI Ross Center Global Director Ani Dasgupta in an interview with Urbanet. Speaking at the World Urban Forum last month, he noted that cities are vitally important to economic, environmental and social outcomes, and yet urban policy doesn’t get the same attention as other global challenges.

“If you compare it with climate policy, Obama, the presidents, the prime ministers are going to the COP to talk about climate policy, but not so much for urban policy,” Dasgupta said. “Why is that? That’s the shift that has to take place.”

“Most people in the world live in cities. Most economies are dependent on what happens in cities. Most poor people soon will live in cities,” he said. “It’s really a conundrum, why is it not on the global agenda?”

Dasgupta noted that the recognition that urban policy needs more attention is starting in some places, but needs to spread. In India, the current government is focusing on improving cities with the recognition that the nation will follow. Minister Hardeep Singh Puri unveiled a new initiative from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs at the World Urban Forum that aims to ensure every citizen has a home by 2022. Puri said the Global Housing Technology Challenge seeks to build or incentivize the construction of 12 million new homes, many in cities.

“My view is this shift is taking place, but it’s not taking place everywhere,” Dasgupta said. “[It’s] not just cities are good… Cities need to work better, for economic performance of a country, for social outcomes for its people and obviously for a climate outcome for the world.

“I think these interconnections between the three have not been articulated as strongly and our hope as WRI is exactly to show the economic case, show the social case, so this shift can take place.”

Schuyler Null is a Communications Associate for WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. 

Are We Ready for Autonomous Vehicles? The Uncertain Road Ahead

Wed, 2018-03-07 00:00

Autonomous vehicles already roam the streets of some major global cities. But what will their future hold? Photo by Jaguar MENA/ Flickr

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are already being tested in California, Pittsburgh, Singapore, Paris and Oslo. As they spread, they are becoming a natural flashpoint for debate.

Proponents of AVs point to their promise of a safer, faster, cleaner and more convenient commute. But are cities prepared for this revolution, or will AVs simply create a host of new travel patterns that end up adding more congestion, pollution and danger to city streets?

AVs have the potential to reshape cities in profound ways, that much is clear, but our understanding of the technology and its impact is changing rapidly. At the recent Transforming Transportation 2018 conference, co-hosted by the World Bank and WRI’s Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, one panel neatly summarized the current state of play and some of the major points of contention for proponents and opponents.

Pittsburgh: Ahead of the Curve

The city of Pittsburgh has experience with AVs since 1989, in large part due to the expertise cultivated at its universities. It should come of no surprise, then, that the city became the first to allow four autonomous Ubers into the wild in 2016. At the outset of the program, riders had to opt in to use them and were not charged, said Karina Ricks, the city’s director of mobility and infrastructure. Today, it’s estimated there are 40 autonomous Ubers in circulation, autonomous Uber rides are no longer free or limited to volunteers, and five more ride-hailing companies are using Pittsburgh’s streets as their AV testing lab.

At least in this Pennsylvania city, AVs are a fully operational mobility service. Furthermore, AVs are an important part of the city’s ambitious 2030 agenda, which includes reducing energy, water and transport emissions by 50 percent, said Ricks.

A survey conducted six months after Uber’s AV operations began showed a positive public response. Fifty-nine percent of respondents felt safe or very safe operating alongside a robotic vehicle, and 68 percent were satisfied with testing taking place in their city. Overall, cyclists were happy with AVs passing at a safe distance, and pedestrians felt safer when AVs did not start driving immediately when traffic lights turned green. Additionally, both cyclists and pedestrians felt safer with vehicles adhering to the local speed limits (which annoyed some aggressive drivers).

Even with these benefits, the test shows AVs aren’t perfect. They still have difficulty adjusting to changing built environments, detecting the presence of other vehicle traffic, and recognizing social norms in local contexts, like the “Pittsburgh left.”

Pumping the Breaks

Stacy Cook, senior associate with Cambridge Systematics, a transportation innovation firm, said she believes the technology currently being tested in cities is way ahead of our ability to handle it. Governments, in collaboration with the private sector, should ask first what societal goals they need to achieve, and then make sure these goals are met by new technologies, she said.

Ricks herself noted a number of policy questions Pittsburgh is still grappling with due to the influx of AVs, including how city leaders manage the financial disruption from the loss of fuel and property taxes and parking revenues.

Cook quoted a 2016 survey on 50 states and metropolitan transport authorities in the United States: Just 6 percent of respondents indicated they were strongly advancing the integration of AVs, which many experts say is required to reduce congestion and emissions. Thirty-five percent were doing little, and 40 percent were not thinking about the AV challenge at all.

Overall, there are great opportunities for improving road safety, reducing congestion and lowering emissions. But few governments are thinking along these lines.

For Stephen Cotton, general secretary of the International Transport Workers’ Federation, the major concern is about job losses. To ensure the AV revolution is inclusive, operators need to be part of the conversation, he said. We need a humanitarian view of the future, he said, that considers the needs of transport workers alongside users.

More Than a Technological Change

AVs in dense urban areas should be operated primarily in shared fleets, according to the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities.

David Ward, secretary general of the Global New Car Assessment Program, a UK charity, offered a counterpoint to the hype around the AV “revolution,” saying the mobility environment is not actually changing as quickly as many think.

Fleet replacement takes a long time, Ward said, as car owners today are holding onto their vehicles for longer than those of the past. To have a significant impact in 20 years, a current manufacturer would need to offer an extremely low-cost, fully functional AV right now. This is rather good news, he said, because we have time to better prepare.

At the same time, there are many other technologies that are ready and can be implemented immediately to achieve the road safety benefits that AVs promise: electronic stability control (anti-skid technology that’s currently missing from 40 percent of the global vehicle fleet); autonomous braking systems; and intelligent speed adaptation (pre-loaded maps and on-board sensors that identify the posted speed limits and prevent drivers from exceeding them). All of these elements will be mandatory for vehicles in Europe by the end of 2018.

Despite such an unclear landscape, a common theme from each speaker was the need to understand and advocate for social progress, environmental protection, road safety and economic efficiency while cities and companies are working through the kinks in the technology. If cities cede this space to the private sector, the effect could be disastrous for places already grappling with congestion, increasingly dangerous streets, and deadly air pollution. This is the reason WRI supports the recent Shared Mobility Principles, which among other goals, states that autonomous vehicles in dense urban areas should be operated in shared fleets.

Dario Hidalgo is Director of Integrated Transport at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

Pro bowl the history get the game

Mon, 2018-03-05 22:27

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After a stretch of play that featured both teams having glorious…

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ROLLER COASTER Wholesale Jerseys OF EMOTIONS Keim admitted there was a player he really liked who went off the board before the Cardinals picked on Friday. We know Hall get a video tribute and ovation from Edmonton Oilers fans Thursday when he steps on the ice a New Jersey Devils sweater but that’s hardly a news flash. ‘We tried to get our minds off of it by gorging ourselves with pancakes,’ Herzlich said. It means that the accomplishment is inferior or questionable some way. Patronick heads down to the hallway to check on her players after the game.

12 first believed mbah be stripped games his MVP

Mon, 2018-03-05 22:27

But hopefully the next time, that part get a little less attention. Also, BA said after the game last night that we could replace Mathieu, but who would replace his interceptions and sacks? I’ve been to every one of these that the team has held, over the past ten years, and I must say that this one felt different. ‘We’d already won the group, so we said ’40 games, 10 years, that’s a record that be tough to beat. I think the players wanted to be involved that historical moment and we used it as Cheap Jerseys Paypal a trigger before the game.’ The Swedes overcame the Czech Republic, who were still jockeying for position, but put the Morris Claiborne Jersey game MLB Jerseys Wholesale out of reach early on. Is Semien fantasy relevant 12 team mixed leagues or just an Cheap Jerseys Online -only league choice at shortstop or second base? The building was last occupied by a furniture manufacturer, Daedalian, but latterly has only been used for storage purposes.. was drafted by the Browns the seventh round 2013. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment whole or part, any Tie Domi Jersey manner CBC chooses.

The 19th-century Meeting Mill was put on the market last year, together with an adjacent Grade II-listed cottage. one month, he’ll be at the Auditorium Theatre Chicago, wearing outfit he’s already started to plan-Christian Louboutin shoes, and the gold watch he accidentally wore during his speedy 40-yard dash at the combine. Now Alderson can focus on improving the bullpen, catching and team depth by possibly trading one of his surplus outfielders for that final piece to a strong Mets team heading into the new year. Children’s and teen activities are MLB Jerseys Wholesale offered Wednesday evenings from 7 p.m. Other than Zane Richards’ Riley Sheahan Authentic Jersey decision at 133 for Illinois, Preston Tucker Jersey it was all State all night . The punts which weren’t sent out of bounds were converged on effectively. You’re getting into trouble when you give a player credit for projections that they never reached.

Deputies found adult male with a gunshot wound while responding to a call the 4900 black of Kings Lane after 5 p.m. Smith said he has progressed to some lateral movements and some vertical running but reiterated there’s no timetable for a return. The unfortunate part of the offseason for the Bears is that no perfect solution exists at quarterback. The Phillies knew they had given themselves a to dominate the National League. IMO, if you’ve got a player who’s scheduled to become UFA 2013 NOW is the time to sort it out. Chris ‘s fastball crawls through the air while other fastballs sprint, but he seems to do OK. I worked on run fits.

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One ‘s not , Raptors coach Dwane said.

Battle bit strongly who oklahoma still much was mix

Mon, 2018-03-05 22:27

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Now tied bat tampa bay injuries

Mon, 2018-03-05 22:26

Why aren’t we outraged about the lack of benefits they get? He’s been through some tough times this year, Girardi said. Wholesale NFL Jerseys They have been playin better than the captain and Dan. Anonymous said… He walks away to play catch with Little Head. Again, we’re only listing the players who are coming on the ballot for the first time next voting . He hit his 35th Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping home run on 21, making him the 14th Leaguer to hit at least 35 home runs and steal at least 35 bases a . Then again, a few years back, Yankees Wholesale Jerseys Paypal fans said that Hughes, Joba and Kennedy were going to be Smoltz, Glavine and Maddux. If you want to land Romo off waivers, now is the time to start considering him as a bench stash. As and prepare to Wholesale Jerseys Paypal scrap for the National League Rookie of the Year, Benintendi could make it a one- race for the American League honor.

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phillydotcom phillydotcom. The regular meeting of the Village Board was called to order at 6 P.M. You can read that here. Snubbed for a Combine invite and a career overachiever, has a to overcome his MLB Authentic Jerseys physical limitations on sheer . NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. BEST OF THE BEST: There was no shortage of top players to sign with Big Ten teams. Reds Dick said a phone interview he’d like to keep Votto right the middle of their lineup, and hasn’t heard Votto, who has a full no-trade his contract, suggest he had any real interest going elsewhere, even to his hometown Blue Jays. That MLB Authentic Jerseys allowed Green Bay to match any contract he received from another team. 2002: Polamalu, who started for his third yeat at strong safety as a senior 2002, became ‘s first 2-time All-American first team pick since offensive tackle Boselli 1992 and 1994 by making the 2002 AP, Football Writers, Camp, and All-American first teams, The Sporting News All-American second team and All-American honorable mention.

‘s 16 17 – 52 Total Field Goal Percentage: Parkway 38, St. Pearce said before the game that he might still be several weeks from being able to make the full-strength outfield throws required with the condition his arm is , the Orioles probably need to continue to maneuver him between first base and designated hitter while also accommodating Trumbo and . is like adding a bunch of honor students Wholesale NFL Jerseys to a classroom… This I learned the hard way. One night, he said, ‘You mind if I mow someday?’ I said, ‘Hell no, I ‘t care.’ The Lambert clan includes , a at Kittanning High School; , a freshman; and their younger brothers , 13, and , 11. Since scoring 50 points 2014, Strome has been a disappointment and only has 14 points 42 this . By the second half, Grizzlies fans had to be salivating as he knocked down 2 triples front of former boss Mark Cuban.

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Natural language paradi containment has gotten to 26

Mon, 2018-03-05 22:26

Yes, Pulock 2013 first-round pick has big upside. n What night is this?calls a former fighter pilot. AP Photo Michael Ainsworth 2. While Puljujarvi’s tough time the NHL have disappointed some, especially as Auston Matthews, Patrik and Marner rip it up their respective rookie seasons, that the 18-year-old is producing the AHL is a good sign, and it could be the absolute best thing for his development. Everybody the league knows DeSean is going deep. I guess that’s all you can ask for is to make it a tough decision and that’s what happened. The total value of the deal will be approximately $2,376, and the first year cap number would be approximately $586. Doc Rivers has adjusted his Jerseys For Cheap lineups based on matchups, but his son’s recent play has made it more difficult for Doc to justify starting Austin, who is averaging 10 points a game, on the bench. The following year 1968 saw Vachon begin to establish himself as the Canadiens main man the nets.

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Plummer is small and lacks sideline-to-sideline speed , but is a playmaking overachiever. Ain’t no turning back this time. When Kinnock was leader, reporters used to meet the pub Cheap NFL Jerseys From China to sort out the line for events, even before they happened, and one form or another I remember it was always a slap the face for Kinnock. We are quite certain that Toronto is not one of them.

WUF9 Beyond the Convention Center: A (Very) Brief Tour of Kuala Lumpur

Fri, 2018-03-02 18:33

What happens when 22,000 urbanists descend on your city for the biannual World Urban Forum? We present, we dialogue, we attend high-level sessions, side events, training events, and networking events. Maybe most importantly, we benefit from the open exchange of ideas and personalities that you can only get by meeting in person, providing renewed inspiration for our work.

But what’s most satisfying for many of us? Exploring.

Beyond the convention center, where WRI Ross Center experts from around the world contributed to the conference, UN Habitat organized a number of events and exhibitions scattered around Kuala Lumpur. We saw some of the growing pains of Malaysia’s capital and largest city, with more than 7 million residents, and we found pop-ups that invited passers-byes to contribute ideas about the future of KL.

The sprawling city serves as a hub for international companies such as BMW, Motorola, and HSBC, and has attracted talent from near and far. The iconic Petronas Towers dominate downtown, but they are not alone; the tropical skyline is dotted with many towers and new construction. Some 30 major buildings are expected to be finished in the next five years, including the 118-storey Warisan Merdeka. The city museum, located in the historic district, featured a short video and installation depicting this progress, pictured below.

Photo by Adna Karabegović/WRI

But such rapid growth has not come without costs. Traffic is notoriously bad in KL, especially in the city center. “This is a car culture,” we heard from locals. Like many other rapidly growing cities, to modernize and spur economic development, planners have sometimes overlooked the details of transport design. There is a bus rapid transit line, a light rail system, a monorail and integrated stations. But in a tour of the BRT system for WUF attendees, operators admitted transit ridership was not what they’d like.

Photo by Valeria Gelman/WRI

Poor signage and design also leads to some dangerous and frustrating pedestrian experiences, from crosswalks that do not line up with the crossing light or curb exit, to narrow, fenced off sidewalks that leave you hunting for safe spots to cross the street.

Photo by Adna Karabegović/WRI

Small pop-ups run by local university students gave a glimpse of the next generation of planners. Nestled around the city were “parklets” – parking spots turned into green spaces. The parklet below featured a solar-powered phone charging station, space for people to find shade and fans, and recycling bins.

Photo by Adna Karabegović/WRI

These spaces created not only a fun and inviting environment, they represented a vision of a kind of participatory, people-oriented development. Staffed with students and packed with feedback forms, they drew WUF participants and city residents to consider a greener future for their cities.

Photo by Schuyler Null/WRI

One of the pop-ups featured a “cities for all” wish list, where people posted ideas for their own cities and KL. Among many compliments about the host city, suggestions included better sidewalks, more trees, and benches. “Cities for all” was the overall theme of WUF9, echoing our framing of the “World Resources Report: Towards a More Equal City,” which explores ways to provide adequate and equal access to core services, like housing and transport, for all.

Photo by Schuyler Null/WRI

In Medan Pasar, a historic meeting place in Kuala Lumpur, a micro-housing installation demonstrated ways to accommodate population growth and highlighted the importance of smaller housing footprints and higher density.

Photo by Adna Karabegović/WRI

Perhaps as salve to the idea of living in such tight quarters, the same exhibit showcased green, interactive public spaces.

Photo by Adna Karabegović/WRI

Similar to many of the cities we work with around the world, Kuala Lumpur is a fast-growing dynamic place with a mix of both unique and somewhat universal challenges. Exploring the city on foot and talking with its young planners-to-be gave us a unique perspective. It also made us want to stroll back through these streets in the years ahead to see which of these ideas have taken root in the urban form.

Adna Karabegović is Project Coordinator, Research Tools and Economics Team at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

Valeria Gelman is a Communications Specialist & Program Coordinator II at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

Robin King is the Director of Knowledge Capture and Collaboration at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

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They averaged 288 yards per game, and had the NFL’s highest average yards per completion with 8. Spotters can, though, take the blame when a visibly injured quarterback staggers back into a game from off the sideline, even while serving as something for the NFL to point to when people ask just what the league is doing. He’s not playing up to the five-year, $51 million deal he signed 2015. He can really the ball, he’s really a rim protector. Look for them to explore tight ends NFL Jerseys China the draft. He is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Me and have been very close since he’s been Philadelphia and I’ve always told him just stick to the work ethic, and he has. The Bucks are forced to change defensive schemes against post-up heavy guards looking to exploit size differential, but it ‘t significantly hurt them. That’s line with my thinking as well.

From the position I am , doesn’t need to hear from me, especially through the radio, about the job, Cheap Jerseys For Sale Dolan said. His friend and fellow player Kevin is godfather to daughter . Cam Atkinson already has 27 goals now. Lipps is a former American football wide receiver the cheap jerseys from china NFL who played nine seasons the NFL, eight for the Pittsburgh Steelers and one for the New Orleans Saints.He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers the 1st round of the 1984 NFL Draft after a college football career at The University NFL Jerseys China of Southern Mississippi. The good thing about goals a lot of times you get one and you see the ice more, feel faster, feel better. After of Texas A&M, I view Peppers as the second best draft-eligible player the nation. During post-game interviews, Adams stated that he did not realize he had shoved Smith, but that he was preventing himself from falling into the stands. Halak saved 31 of 34 shots during Tuesday’s 4 win against the . 31 – soon after he saw his face on CNN with the words Lafleur wanted – NBA Jerseys Wholesale he said he was right to have worried. Claiborne said he’s trying to avoid surgery and undergo MRI three weeks.

He appeared on Dairy glasses and posters the early 1990s that remain popular with Blazermaniacs to this day. He has received little support from the voters, falling below 25 percent his second year, below 20 percent his third and ranging between 8 percent and 17 percent since, with no clear pattern to his support beyond its lack. Ball walks off the court with 86 points, 10 steals, four rebounds and four assists, and I realize the final glitch was a personality choice. Are the Broncos soft? This bowling event raises funds for the Highland Friendship Club, which holds Nike NFL Jerseys China events and activities for people with disabilities, and it helps them to make friends and learn new skills. Funeral services be at 1 PM Wednesday February 8 at the First Church of the Nazarene, 2734 South Washington Street, Kokomo. Fudging financial info on a mortgage application. He played defensive end before transitioning to middle linebacker as a senior. After signing with the San Diego Chargers, he should have a real opportunity Nike NFL Jerseys Supply to make the roster and Nike NFL Jerseys Supply earn playing time. While this may not Nike NFL Jerseys Supply look like much to the average fan, if you witnessed Palat’s performance Game 1 Cheap Jerseys For Sale against the Penguins, you would know entirely different story.

He is a really good teammate and has some strong leadership NFL Jerseys Paypal qualities that Nike NFL Jerseys China are starting to come into play.

We can talk about anything, both outside of basketball and about the game too.

To make room on the Mariners’ 40- roster, the team designated switch-pitcher Venditte for assignment. And why shouldn’t the league office shun convicted felons? The Lightning have the potential to bounce-back NBA Jerseys Wholesale and put together a bit of a run a push for the playoffs, throwing another wrench what to do with a number of these moving parts. Off the top, this doesn’t seem to be quite the step down. Stu Lichter has more than enough money to get this off the years ago.

It happens NFL Jerseys Paypal and lets move on. This year, with playing Nike NFL Jerseys China the part of host, Nick Stevens and the Tailgate Fan crew made their way down to Texas to NBA Jerseys Wholesale get acquainted with the local Cheap Jerseys For Sale scene ahead of the big event. We found the junction and we were on our way. Both team and player face a difficult assessment of what represents his true market value at this stage of his career, still its emerging stage even as his contract winds down and he theoretically enters the open market as unrestricted free agent this summer. At least according to Gil Brandt. He has been a rotational player since then, collecting 25 tackles , forcing NFL Jerseys Paypal a fumble, getting five hits on opposing quarterbacks and four hurries. is five points back the wild card race, but while there was a change behind the bench, the Panthers have been beset by injuries to a number of players, including their best forwards Jonathan Huberdeau and Aleksander Barkov NFL Jerseys China for lengthy periods of time. Three-time paralympic gold medalist Justin Zook join Knapp for coverage of Swimming, 2012 Paralympian Katy Sullivan join for Track & Field, and two-time paralympic medalist Schulte join Schlanger for Wheelchair Basketball. I walked out of the Yankee locker room empty-handed, fearing I’d be shipped to sports journalism’s version of Siberia – the Islanders beat – for inability to elicit interesting quotes from baseball stars.

Texas Bar 2001 …, , , , , , , , , advises people Central Texas who are preparing for and enjoying their retirement years and people with special needs and their families.

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I’m a unique player and is a unique brand. To replace O’Brien, the Nittany Lions hired celebrated Vanderbilt head coach, James . Hezonja’s ability to a play before it actually happens is part of what Nike NFL Jerseys China separates him from other players. He is more of a and throw type of quarterback, which would be ideal for Arians.

Signing him to a one-year deal would be excellent low risk, potentially high reward deal.

The Canadiens are showing this that they are more than just Price. wholesale nfl jerseys played some of its best ball of the while eliminated from playoff contention, and Hezonja had awful lot to do with it. He oozes positivity.

The Royals signed Ventura when he was 16 years old for just $28. And he didn’t turn himself :

  • That’s the eye of the beholder;
  • Saints quarterback Brees said during the week he had not talked with ;
  • Real life doesn’t always fit into a pretty plastic bubble;

He was again selected to the Conference First All- , and finished runner-up to fellow Avalanche draft pick, , voting for the Trophy. ‘s shot from Dubnyk’s left side was stopped, but the puck dropped near Dubnyk’s feet and Cramarossa alertly tapped it . Should his eagle eye NBA Jerseys Wholesale be seen as truly valuable, he even be able to continue the league as a scout or assistant coach.

Only 1 team is happy when the ends. For a short period of time 2014 he led the free throw percentage and ultimately finished 7th at 89 percent. the New Nike NFL Jerseys 2013 WBC, Wright hit a grand slam the United States’s game against Italy. We’ll be fine. He’s so , he’s got strides and can finish. Funny how quickly Therrien forgets about Lehkonen’s preseason, yet all he could recall about Weise was that MLB Jerseys China one overtime goal he scored the playoffs against the Tampa Bay Lightning. I looked at and said, ‘We gotta , , ,’ which means let’s get to the ball and snap it before they Wholesale NHL Jerseys review it, Edelman said. He also thinks the Nashville Predators could make a push. Go find your MLB Jerseys China heroes somewhere else.

it expanded to a fixed route system, going to predetermined locations along a route. Randy Pembrook said as he high fived and greeted students. Unfortunately, that won’t happen Baltimore behind stud PK Tucker. animated retelling of Charles Dickens’ classic novel about a Victorian- miser taken on a journey of self-redemption, courtesy of several mysterious Christmas apparitions. The pastor is the Rev. NBA Jerseys Wholesale That wasn’t staged at all. Luckily for the Cubs, they have a plethora of talent ready to play the outfield. Tabbed First All-District and All-Area as a sophomore and junior …

Rams ON DEMAND was founded 2010 to provide a place for Rams Fans from around the world to gather and talk about their favorite team. The loss is another devastating one for , which is six points back of the Kings and facing increasingly grim reality heading into the trade deadline. With Pittsburgh’s strong safety position up for grabs, has put himself position to solidify his place the team’s starting lineup, according to his coach, Tomlin. The front of Monday’s Boston Globe: 2e. He scored double figures three times his first five the 2016 Nike NFL Jerseys China , which nearly matched his total from the previous . He also mended some old wounds by praising his ex-quarterback and ex-BFF, Cutler. With out, the Colts are relying not just on , but No. The league mandated protection list distributed November contained four Lightning players – Ryan Callahan, Valtteri Filppula, Victor Hedman and Stamkos – given their no movement clauses. Official websites fansites: Does Hamilton have official Social Media profiles?

Basically, we were all like family. With all the hype starting to surround certain players, it is noteworthy to take a look ahead. Thirty teams compete both the professional and backyard category. One thing is Wholesale NHL Jerseys for sure, though: he receive all the guidance he needs from the coaching staff and be given ample opportunity to prove himself on the mound. A win for Bynum sets New Nike NFL Jerseys up a potential match with No.

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WHEN Darcy burst onto the scene last year to win All Australian selection as a 17-year-old after a standout under-18 championships for Vic Country, it set up his draft hopes for 2015. Offensively, put him a modern offense and he get you hustle points and knock down some jumpers. We’ll how it ends up going, but that’s not anything that is of concern to me. Rusney Castillo: The Red Sox gave the Cuban outfielder a seven-year, $72 million contract, but he flopped badly that Boston removed him from its 40- roster after he hit .263 with two home runs at Wholesale Jerseys China Triple-A. They’ve got a kid, Markkanen, who’s a 7-footer from Finland who actually played with, we’ve got a kid named Fiifi cheap nfl jerseys Aidoo who’s from Finland also, is a freshman guard – those two played Nike NFL Jerseys China together. Read If Nike NFL Jerseys China you ‘t know it by now, it be beaten into you that the clock is running and we are 360 days shy, or 359, or whatever, of hosting the 52nd Super Bowl.

– Boston Herald July 31. Clemson assistant was at Fort Dorchester Friday to check on QB Kereon Joyner. But no matter whom he lines up with on the row of practice mounds, there is more pop the gloves of catchers other than Wholesale Jerseys China his. Meshad, UGA’s director of equipment turned down Gurleys’ request last . That was pretty special. switched to a less bulky brace as he moved further away from the injury, but he still does not look quite Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap like himself on the field.

The mobile, hybrid talent Rodgers won his lone Super Bowl actually at the conclusion of the 2010 NFL . … Redskins Wire. His finances were Wholesale Jerseys China still arranged to continue paying wrestlers. Orlando’s expectations for Biyombo was to be a defensive force, blocking shots and protecting the rim while grabbing rebounds at a high rate. The Miami native who was once committed to Ohio State and wasn’t on Auburn’s radar until the hires of and Robinson is now the face of the Tigers secondary. It is scary. Will Robertson be traded during training? It Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap was a NFL Jerseys China bit of a struggle.

… I think bottom line for us is as I told our players after the game: we got the three points, the third period we were there when we needed to be there, but we be a lot better tomorrow night. Whiteside then chronicled his treatment on NFL Jerseys China social media, including a Snap Chat video as he was being moved into the MRI machine. And then he went out and promptly put the exclamation on the statements by going out and netting the game winner. , behind his work, won their first American League Pennant since 1997. exited with a knee injury Sunday’s 31 win over Detroit, but was a full participant Thursday’s padded practice. retains the unyieldingly confident that he took to the field for 31 seasons. far, RCR has raised a third of the matching amount. The Bulldogs go for a season sweep Saturday night. Nomar is spelled backwards.

We had the three straight defensive drives with the kick return and the pick six, we never really got into the rhythm offensively.

Ruff has two years remaining on his current contract. He put his nose the dirt and outworked the competition to win the job at right guard. On Saturday night, Moore was injured fielding a first-quarter punt. • UW football coach Chris Petersen raised the 12th flag. There is no smoking or consumption of alcohol while on the grounds. And … that tore me up. They are logged year month day hour 5min chunk folders files CSV format. They’re only four points back of L.A.

Let’s hop into this edition of NFL Jerseys China the mailbag: – Broph February 13 I’m not exactly sure if you’re looking for a percentage, but I think there’s a small . Three times the last five years, they’ve violated offseason workout rules. February 14 When you couple recent uncertain times with the gray February weather and frigid temperatures, it can be easy to get bogged down feeling a bit melancholy. The targets Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap have been trending upwards , and while the week 7 matchup with leaves something to be desired, the schedule does soften up considerably after that Ladarius Green – TE – Steelers | . Not one second, Dawson said when asked if he contemplated stepping away. Boston and Eriksson’s current team are both fighting for their playoff lives, and it’d be sweet for Eriksson to Nike NFL Jerseys China take it to his former team, who weren’t willing to match his asking price. Eagles 101 provides 24 obsessive sports coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles as a part of Sports Media 101.

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Sticking to his plan for the series, Steve Waugh was bouncing all their batsmen mercilessly and received verbal support from his fielders throughout. He is raising money for Children’s National Cheap MLB Jerseys Medical Center as part of America’s Giving Challenge, sponsored by Parade magazine. Atlanta is family for both of us. With service data the best performers only failed to capture 1% for their records, the worst case it was 28%. They were leaving home at the time and I Nike NFL Jerseys China could think of nothing worse than one of them away at school or as a junior hockey billet suffering silence. Please be aware that email is not a secure means of communication and spam filters prevent your email from reaching the therapist. You skate off on the good one. named White as her #MCM during the week, but her fans knew something she didn’t: last August, White had made it clear that he wasn’t really into her at all a series of tweets. Washington and Tampa Bay Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike previously met the first round of the 2003 playoffs, where Tampa Bay NBA Jerseys For Sale defeated Nike NFL Jerseys China Washington six .

Yeldon, JAC, vs. If it wasn’t back-to-back, we would have considered him for this game . Wheeler, the newly inaugurated mayor of Portland, Oregon, harbors similar suspicions, reacting with what he called visceral disgust at the possibility of a Muslim registry, idea repeatedly floated by Trump and his surrogates during the election campaign. Miami’s J.T. With Blake Griffin undergoing right-knee surgery Dec. The goalie being scored on is #1, and that year the Leafs acquired Puppa from the Sabres and he wore #1. Is the plan to get younger? Born , Oregon, Ainge starred high school on his football team and led North High School to back-to-back state basketball championships 1976 and 1977, earning all-state honors both years; he was considered one of the top prep football recruits the state of Oregon. Smith shed the boot by the next week and started the Vikings secondary. The vouchers are a first-of-their-kind experiment publicly financing political campaigns, Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike with a creative twist: Every Seattle voter gets four, $25 vouchers to distribute to the candidate of their choice.

Jaguars: Paul Posluszny breaks hand JACKSONVILLE, Fla. To be a successful hitter, Franco needs to work on his plate discipline. Fuhr, by that time, was making more realistic money, but Edmonton didn’t have the money to pay their superstars, he saw the writing on the wall. Tiger, teaching you English grammar and lit was NOT a highlight of life.You gotta admit, you really were a brat. I went through something similar to that last year, and my heart hurts NFL Jerseys 2017 for him and I’m praying for a speedy recovery NBA Jerseys For Sale for him. Posted: 12 p.m. He turn 33 October and hasn’t been really effective as a player some time. He’s not much of a receiving threat — Cheap MLB Jerseys Charcandrick West could play that role — but Ware is a talented runner who should vie for 20-plus touches and handle the Chiefs’ goal-line work.

He also walked more than he wholesale jerseys struck out, whiffing only 6 times 105 at bats. It didn’t appear Delino had the best jump. If any of the old-school snubs should find his way into the Hall, he should be the one. I feel he’s a good hockey player and he’s had some good seasons Europe. He was among the contenders for the Vezina Trophy and started the All- game, making his fourth appearance. Writing The Wire, Phil England noted that Constructions V-VII develops his tendency towards the quiet, the sparse, the minimal.

Gattis drove Bregman, who could also make his debut with the Astros before the close of the 2016 MLB .

We investigate after the jump. Has two siblings, NFL Jerseys 2017 Timmie Barrows and Titana Velasquez. As a contemporary of Nowitzki and , two sure-thing Hall of Famers, there once was a real argument that Webber was the best of them.

First of all, remember these pitches were missed according to one website and that strike zone might not be completely accurate. I’m glad he’s back.

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After a spin through Canada, the band went to the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Germany. Their playoff hopes are still bleak, improving only slightly following their win over the Stars. I turned a corner very, very young, said, smiling. You have a lot of men that locker room – a lot of prideful men coaches and players. But I understand your question. Umberger, 33, has had lots of scoring chances the last few , but hasn’t been able to snap the longest drought of his career. Prior to our departure we purchased a roll of velcro strapping at Home Depot. YPJACKSONVILLE provides a removal form that you can use to get this profile removed permanently from this website and including its entire directory listing. Maybe it’s also the physical pressing style of play they both share. Also, Drake is someone the Dolphins are going to have to evaluate as the progresses and they are eliminated from the playoffs.

She showed up to all Marshwn’s football , picked up her kids from the MLB Authentic Jerseys Boys & Girls Club every afternoon. Had a high 71 yards on a -best eight reception at North Texas … Rowe actually looked like the receiver on this play, reaching out to make a remarkable grab and put the Jets’ hopes on lifeline with a third turnover and a Patriots 13 lead the second quarter. Contract situation: Signed through 2019. Playing on this team has been great, says Wintering. Very small hands, which scouts fear lead to fumbles. Central Catholic ; 4.

The is TBA, P S is 0 and the P B is at 1. Suddenly he NFL Jerseys Authentic realized that his father wasn’t mad at him, or let down. Richards said Tuesday that he’s expecting to have a 100-pitch limit this as the Angels try to manage his workload. And while is averaging 20 points per game, he can be a defensive liability. The NY Yankees are full rebuild mode. A liquid extract from a Nike NFL Jerseys From China South American shrub named arnica do mato, the drink glows green. We can do much on our own, Brown promised, and we can join with others-other states and provinces and even countries-to stop the dangerous rise climate pollution.

S McDougald: The last two NFL Jerseys Authentic have not been particularly MLB Authentic Jerseys good for the Bucs’ safeties, who have either been flat-out burned or out of position on plays. after enjoyable meal and with 9 to Brugge we decided to go for it. ; NFL Jerseys Cheap Northridge: Alberson 11, Hochstetler 6, Stauffer 6). Ball has 27 the first quarter and Nike NFL Jerseys From China it’s become quite clear he and everyone else are not the same MLB Jerseys China species. The dynasty community became extremely bitter and dropped him their ranks. Yes, the most stable franchises rely on a draft-and-develop philosophy to roster building, but our instant-gratification culture, the second part of that mantra often gets forgotten. Um, you’re welcome. I honestly ‘t remember the exact timing, just that we had a TV NFL Jerseys Cheap timeout. We thought that he would be back sooner, but sometimes this is what happens with injuries. He works with multiple local and national charitable organizations and is a perfect ambassador for the Black and Gold.

Honestly, I think Blackmon is destined for a corner outfield MLB Jerseys China spot. But the opportunity be there and Beilein made it quite clear that he’s not afraid to let McGary the load.


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