Bengaluru 2017

Bengaluru 2017


The STAMP grant recipients have been selected! Congratulations to the awardees!! 




The winning teams and their ideas, briefly described: 

  • Metrobikes- Metro Bikes is a smart urban mobility solution that proposes one way rides on powered scooters providing the most cost effective, flexible and fastest mode of commute
  • Constapark- Constapark is a city-wide parking passport that aggregates parking spots and brings this information directly to users on their phones​, for subscription-based parking services that provide on-demand availability
  • Quick Ride- Quick Ride provides safe and quick carpooling options with cost-sharing through an innovative, redeemable fuel points system, leveraging the latest technology and trends for last-mile connectivity
  • CiFoS- Station Accessibility Index lets Commuters & Mobility providers benchmark the accessibility levels at stations via mobility indices and deploy solutions that make the level of service better. Range of solutions from signage to new mobility solutions can take advantage of the parameters to justify the improvements that the solution brings​
  • Taproute- TapRoute is an on-demand public transportation service, which aims to brings together the speed and affordability of the Metro and the on-demand convenience of low-density vehicles like autos/cars to make the fastest most affordable way to travel



2017 Pilot Projects

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