This section includes visual representation of information, data or knowledge from WRI India Sustainable Cities projects which have been put together as a part of our research and work in different cities.

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  • Cities in the developing world are in search of sustainable solutions to their accessibility and mobility related problems. During last five years, in city’s multi-modal transport option, Bus Transit - both in its basic and rapid form, has become the core of the chosen strategy. Indian cities are choosing Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) as a sustainable solution to its growing urban transport demand. 

    EMBARQ India attempted to collect the status of BRT in India. This map provides a

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  • In an effort to build ‘enclaves’ of neighbourhood and work spaces of aspirational qualities, developments by private enterprises tend to adopt exclusivity through segregation as the main tool for planning. Even though many such developments look at mixed land uses, the interaction and interface between them seem restricted and controlled, thus functioning as smaller pockets of single land use. Though such segregation allow for easy project execution, the physical manifestation points -like


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